Ghost Recon 2

Finally the best ever tactical shooter has a son: Ghost Recon 2.

The first GR wasn't known for it's graphical beauty, it was more of a hardcore Tac shooter sim (a la Rainbow Six, but on a grandeur military scale). GR 2 doesn't look that great either (visually mind you), but it looks as though it can hold it's own (though not comparable to either U 3.0 or Stalker).

Note the combined arms operations.

Looks like an MK48 mod 0 and an SPR, realistic Spec Ops weapons.

More combined arms.

The engine looks like Far Cry's if I'm not mistaken (though a little grainy). These are E-3 shots so the game is far from finished (I hope), there's room for improvement.

Finally, iget to see pics of this looks ok graphics wise, and if they thought of including the M48 mod 0 instead the overmodeled SAW (which is still one of my favorite weapons to cap badguys with) that shows that the weapons listis an interesting one, including the XM8 i've heard :D

i also hope those AH64 and F22 (and more i guess) support are not just mission objectives but rather dynamic airstrikes that you can call at your discretion...i mean, i hope the game is not script-spammed

:o not another tactical fighter. Too many games are coming out at the same time, im loosing track of them all. Nice screenshots though! :)

Yeah, but this ones the definitive "must-have" tac-shooter of all time.

BTW, there's an E3 video on the Ghost recon 2 website:, the 3rd person view is thankfully not default.

Dont look too good now. Weak graphics, i would say last generation graphics.

Well I should have mentioned these were XboX screenshots, and in any case GR is never about the graphics, more 'bout the realistic gameplay.

Never played it and wont ever buy Xbox either.

LoL, ok, but what I meant was the E3 Demo was of the Xbox version, the same game would be coming out on PC (with better gfx).