Ground Control 2

Ground Control 2, as you might have guessed, is the sequel to Ground Control, an awesome RTS based on tactical air and land warfare. Artillery shells draw out grey arcs in the sky as your airforce decimates any front line defenses, keeping your ground troops behind.

This game was one of the first to use a fully 3D RTS engine with a freeform camera which can zoom out to a bird's eye view, or to zoom in and check the slick detailing on a typical vehicle, or check out how the eyebrows of your typicial GI are doing!

Anyway, that was the first game, which was a blast, and wait till you see what's in store for the second coming, which is widely more hyped than the first installement.

Ground Control 1 pics:

Ground Control 2 pics:

Check out the videos :

any RTS and war junky shouldve played GC to call himself that and will play GC2 :P

You won't believe me, but I started to play GC 1 again a week ago to get me in the mood for GC2, boy I missed that game. Best thing in the world is to have a couple of Bomber squadrons drop tactical nukes on the enemy strong hold. lol

BTW, call me crazy but I felt the gfx are better than C&C Gens, and NO RESOURCE COLLECTING and NO TANK RUSHES.

Seems like a nice game judging by the screenshots. Never really played the first one so not sure whether i should be looking forward to the sequel ;)

But still, u cant deny the magic that C&C had, it was balanced - technicality and bugs aside - its the sort of formula to put them to fame!

yea, Gab is, GC1 was made in 2000 yet has almost the same or comparable graphics as Generals, but it has an egde over that, which is its free form camera, so yea, GC1 was VERY advanced for its time, which is why my bro n me like it so much ( oh yeah, well add all the warfare to the graphics, like sniper teams, light armored vehicles, heavy tank battalions, all dropped off by dropships from orbit, and this title was a sure sell for me)...dunno why its wasnt hyped that much, but GC2 seems to be hyping, most probably becose of the success of its ancestor

Well i want to comment about GC 1 being first one 3D RTS game, one of russian developers realesed Evil Islands. It was 3D RTS PRG :D I really dont know the realese of the GC 1 since i never played yet, but Evil Islands were realesed in 2000.

I'm seeing a trend in newer and upcoming RTS games: an abandon of the resource system to follow the tactical strategy games (a la GC 1). The emphasis here is to concentrate on real world (as real and logical as it can get) tactics to secure objectives. Take the Total War series for example, in both Shogun and Medieval resource collection was done on a national level where the number of farms, ports, the quality of the land, and the trading system with allies would gouvern your income, not the amount of gold your peasants picked up at the local mine. Units were trained in your respective territories and if an enemy attacked, u were stuck with what u had; it was up to you to make the best of it (without being able to churn out vast numbers of peasant warriors to overwhelm the enemy), it was up to how u used the land and the make-up of ur units to acheive the upper hand. I see a whole line of games coming out that have nothing to do with resource gathering: GC 2, Desert Rats vs Africa Korps (allready out, better units are given when u acheive better scores), WarHammer 40K Dawn of War, Rome: Total War (can't wait), Wartime Command BfE 1939-1945 (probably a sleeper hit, sames guys that made IL-2, can't wait for them either), LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, and many more.....

It's the way to go.

BTW, GC 1 is well worth scouring the bargain bin at your local game store.

never even knew WHY THEY EVER introduced resource gathering into hasnt got any place in tactical strategic games...

Probably because of Dune I and Dune II, they were the trend setters for RTS games. Because the movies were based on a story where control of "the Spice" between the factions was essentially the only source of plot, they made that naturally integral to the games: collect Spice (eventually Tiberium in Westwood's C&C follow-on) as a sort of resource to build equipment.

Want to add that GC 2 pics look really good. Seems like the game is worth spending couple bucks.

Artillery barrages look amazing, even in the first game they were impressive too see.

Trees look awful thou. I think they should do something was done in Venom (the developers of STALKER).

The GC team is so cool, that for the first game, they gave out a fully loaded expansion pack for FREE, but nvr could get my hands on it in Lebanon since no one cares about quality games there...only Cs and barbie crap

"trees look awful" that's probably because of the extreme zoom levels in these shots.

GabRaz wrote:

"trees look awful" that's probably because of the extreme zoom levels in these shots.

Textures should be better when zoomed in :)

that has nothing to do with textures, those look alright, its the opacity mixing that redD is talking about, but when the game is rolling becose of trilinear or anistropic filtering (i donno which they will be using, anistropic is a surefire), you won't notice that. Anyway, that big of a zoom is not the one you'll be using throught the whole game cause frankly, you cant command from that perspective...

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