Looking for a designer...

Lo pple..

I'm looking for a webdesign, for a site of mine...

It needs to look a bit like this:

I'm willing to code/script something (php/mysql, etc...) if nescessary...

if you need any details or if there is something else please post a reply :)

You need to give the members more information. Such as whats the purpose of this site of yours? Target audience? Same colour scheme/layout as c-net? You need to be exact so people know what you want ;)

Well easily, how much you pay?

I'm sorry it isn't nescessary anymore, found another designer that is willing to do it for nothign :)

Very bad! :)

I am a web-designer, graphic artist, and a computer animator. If you are looking for work on your site to be done, I am willing to do it for you. The design that you showed an example of is something I can definately make. Please visit my site for more information, and thank you.


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Personal opeinion : The guy vanished from here already :)

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