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The Absolute best Half Life MOD is Counter-strike But the new updates really ruin it..but man I love it

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In Counter-Strike you pick between CT=Counter Terrorist and T=Terrorist Either you pick Aim,fy,de,cs,as,etc... maps
In some maps Terrorists plant bombs and Counter-terrorists defuse ,There are hostie=Hostage maps,aiming maps
alot of things you can do FPS is Frames per second for all you Newbies out there

Try it out you might get addicted to it its very fun..and you meet alot of cool people

though CS is the best half-life mod and multiplayer game, it currently pales in comparison and is quite limited when compared to current multiplayer FPS' like UT2004, Planetside, BF Vietnam, Far Cry, and to a certain extent Splinter Cell's add-on. Future FPS multiplayer games may raise the bar, especially with Battlefront and Joint Operations. Counter-Strike is a relic of a bygone age (a little melodramatic, but true).

GabRaz wrote:

though CS is the best half-life mod and multiplayer game, it currently pales in comparison and is quite limited when compared to current multiplayer FPS' like UT2004, Planetside, BF Vietnam, Far Cry, and to a certain extent Splinter Cell's add-on. Future FPS multiplayer games may raise the bar, especially with Battlefront and Joint Operations. Counter-Strike is a relic of a bygone age (a little melodramatic, but true).

however, cs is still one of the most played multiplayer games of the world.
Its my favorite too :)

CS was the most popular because it was the most inovative of it's time, imagine if UT (far better game IMO) had come out before it?

hmm, I dont know... most CS players play the game because of its realitydegree, the graphics suck though, but thats also a positive side, people with a P2 can play it ;)
btw what does IMO mean? :oops:

IMO=in my opinion (there's also IMHO, u add "honest" to sound even more condacending lol); but I've felt and I've noticed that somehow CS players have difficulty transitionning to the more modern side of the multiplayer FPS' (planetside, BF1942...), these games are substancially tactically oriented and you'd end up nowhere if u go solo (something that would sometimes work in CS), the newer games are also based on conquer and hold tactics something that diehard CS players aren't used to. I've felt that stronger CS players have difficulty coping with the new styles of gameplay and thats why they stick to CS where they are Kings.

Ya I know it sounds like National Geographic, but the Darwinian process applies to online gaming as well as nature.

Rancid...u triple posted at the start of the topic....i hope BioALIEN doesnt kill u

Hmm i remmber progammign with Cs few years ago with BlaZe, but now it's graphics looks awful, out of time for me, also it game can ruin somebodys life(just look at those at internet cafe's).

CS has claimed the lives of some of my friends here at uni, though i never really saw the good side of it! Its an addictive game but online gaming is not my thing! ;)

Warning 1: Rancid, i detect tripple posting by you in this topic. Double posting is not encouraged here and tripple posting is absolutely forbidden! Thats -10 points for you coming soon when u reach that limit. I suggest you to read the rules and understand how GfxDiary is run, we take things rather strict around here! :arrow:

Rancid, there is an "edit" button, used for editing your post if you forget something or make a typo, need to update some info etc.
Anyway, I don't often play games, waste of time imho :P But I do sometimes play some counterstrike when I feel like getting owned. But I suck quite allot and I don't like the amount of cheeting going on in that game.

Counter-Strike 4ever!!! It's the best multiplayer game! Our clan is the best (in my dreams :)) This game is very realistic no lasers, plasma turbo blasters etc... | BlaZe :)

Haha realistic? I may sound liek totally changed man now man, but for me it is just a baby boys game. I remmber the days i been maniacinc the ckubs with ya, but i am happy it all gone :)

CS is NOT, repeat, NOT realistic folks....
if you want a 'REalistic' game, you should go play AA 2.0, the upcoming Full Spectrum Warrior and RSix 3.
Those my friends, are realistic games.oh yea, forgot Kumo:War but thats abit less.

It sure will be when [email protected] and CS2 come out.. man go see the fricken demo... IT IS AWESOME AND SO REALISTIC !!! MAKES CS 1.6 LOOK LIKE ATARI.

i did...i watched the 600meg video

I saw the video too, i must say i was really impressed!

Well i will play HL 2 just to test mine system and just to make another point in my "finished games" list, cause i will always stay Unreal fan . Want to mention that i think Unreal Tournament 2004 kicks HL2.

The HL2 engine better than UT2004:
1) Powerful physics.
2) Real time reflective water & organic materials!!!!!!!!!!
3) Powerful materials system. If you shoot a wooden door, you can be sure it will open.
4) Ability to create large indoor \ outdoor areas.
5) Incredible AI !!!!!!

When I saw HL2 movie in low quality I was shocked, what will be with me if I look it in high? :)

Well really if Hl' 2 engine which been creating for 6 years will kick Unreal Engine, then i can surely say that soon some Unreal 3 will come up, which will make such a puppy from Valve to shut his baby mounth. Want to comment some of advantages yu listed:
2. I am sure Storm 2 engine can easily make Valve cry.
3. Will you need it?
4. Play Unreal T 2004 and remove this point.
5. Look tip 4.

LOL EXE-Kuta....News Flash: Unreal Engine 3.0

Visual Features

* 64-bit color High Dynamic Range rendering pipeline. The gamma-correct, linear color space renderer provides for immaculate color precision while supporting a wide range of post processing effects such as light blooms, lenticular halos, and depth-of-field.
* Support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques including normal mapped, parameterized Phong lighting; virtual displacement mapping; light attenuation functions; pre-computed shadow masks; and pre-computed bump-granularity self-shadowing using spherical harmonic maps.
* Advanced Dynamic Shadowing. Unreal Engine 3 provides full support for three shadow techniques:
o Dynamic stencil buffered shadow volumes supporting fully dynamic, moving light sources casting accurate shadows on all objects in the scene.
o Dynamic characters casting dynamic soft, fuzzy shadows on the scene using 16X-oversampled shadow buffers.
o Ultra high quality and high performance pre-computed shadow masks allow offline processing of static light interactions, while retaining fully dynamic specular lighting and reflections.
* All of the supported shadow techniques are visually compatible and may be mixed freely at the artist's discretion, and may be combined with colored attenuation functions enabling properly shadowed directional, spotlight, and projector lighting effects.
* Powerful material system, enabling artists to create arbitrarily complex realtime shaders on-the-fly in a visual interface that is comparable in power to the non-realtime functionality provided by Maya.
* The material framework is modular, so programmers can add not just new shader programs, but shader components which artists can connect with other components on-the-fly, resulting in dynamic composition and compilation of shader code.
* Full support for seamlessly interconnected indoor and outdoor environments with dynamic per-pixel lighting and shadowing supported everywhere.
* Artists can build terrain using a dynamically-deformable base height map extended by multiple layers of smoothly-blended materials including displacement maps, normal maps and arbitrarily complex materials, dynamic LOD-based tessellation, and vegetation layers with procedurally-placed meshes. Further, the terrain system supports artist-controlled layers of procedural weathering, for example, grass and vegetation on the flat areas of terrain, rock on high slopes, and snow at the peaks.
* Volumetric environmental effects including height fog and physically accurate distance fog.


* Rigid body physics system supporting player interaction with physical game object, ragdoll character animation, complex vehicles, and dismemberable objects.
* All renderable materials have physical properties such as friction.
* Physics-driven sound.
* Fully integrated support for physics-based vehicles, including player control, AI, and networking.
* Visual physics modeling tool built into UnrealEd, supporting creation of optimized collision primitives for models and skeletal animated meshes; constraint editing; and interactive physics simulation and tweaking in-editor.
character poly count:3,000,000,to generate normal mapping

info from

plus, STALKER, a game set in Chernobyl, already beats HL2 in GFx and Physics, and U Engine 3.0 easily competes against the doom3 engine

never underestimate the Unreal....

OK, SithLord. You are right but I never underestimate Unreal & Unreal`s engine... It`s really magnificent pictures, but I`m not surprised.

HL2 better than UT2004 - it`s my personall & last opinion :D :P

P.S. : gLT 4ever!!! | E}{E.kuta :D :D

HL2 especially CS2(:)) is the best! This is mine opinion too. I am sure that UT engine has +s but I thinl that HL2's will beat it.

another bit of info...

UE3 is designed for Geforce 6 series cards coming up ( i'm already about to order the Extreme edition :P )

and for the ATI x800 cards, but doesn't fully support these, while HL2 and Doom 3 aremeant to be played on current Nvidia Gf Fx and Ati Radeon 9800-(xt) cards.
as for UT 2004, its a blast to play but yea, graphically HL2 beats it. Physics aren't THAT bad in UT2k4 with the karma physics in charge, as you always see a corpse gently drop to the ground after headshotting it with a Lightning gun
Yet HL2's Reactor physics engine ( me and plenty other 3dsmax users get to play with it every day muhehehhehehe) surely beats UT2004's respective physics engine.

HRHR surely unrela kicks HL's ass. Hmm i am about to order a new Video card hehe :D BTW Sith thx for screenshoots.

Mine last opinion : Dumb a.k.a. stubborn people should give up and realise that Unreal Engine rules the world :D

U couldn't have said it better RedD, Unreal OO bass! LOL.
In all seriousness, check half-lifes time line compared to that of Unreal's. HL's engine has been used in one game and countless mods, and Valve has only developed a total of 2 engines (HL, and HL2). Meanwhile Epic, though late, developed a superior Graphics engine and has learnt from it experiences (by actually using them in countless different games AND mods,it should be mentioned that many major games like AA and RS6 Raven Shield used Unreal engines) by continously modifying and developing their engine thoughout many years . In my opinion (IMO ;)) the Unreal series is more comparable to the Quake lineage (which it surpasses) than HL, and HL will always stay behind.

BTW if u ever get that GF6 send me ur 5950 lol.

i will send you mien lol FX 5600 :D if you pay me half of it's price :D BTW i want to mention that GSC Game World which is developing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is also doing some really good advantages in engine developing. I checked its last game Firestarter, due to their own opinion it is just to test their engine. Ofcource it cant be compared with Unreal engine yet, but i hope russia(or if you want ukrainian) developers will reach a high level. BTW Firestarter really new way in 3d actions, kinda fresh, but turn 500 % mode and you wont even survive 2 minutes (RedD guaranteed). visit it's page on
Talking about engine i want to mention the other really important aspect of a game is a SCRIPT. Even Unreal 1 beats HL 1 script like a puppy. HL is really lineal, so will the HL 2 be, those unuseful advantages such as door opening with gun shot wont make it to interesting.
Totally agree with Gab about HL engine 1 beeing used in tons of mods adn unral engine being used in many really HIT games!


well since ur talking about Russians now, i think they proved very well that they are in the gaming buisness as much as any other country when they introduced IL2: Sturmovik and its expansions to the world.

Yea IL 2 was really good , but i had some probs in controling the plane, i am not into flying simulators :)

Ah, Il-2 Sturmovik, the holy grail of WWII aircraft sims, God Bless Russia :) .

yup, IL2 set the standards for newer flight sims, but it seems Lo:MaC didn't follow its path.

Well after such a big popularity of IL 2 you can be sure that the creators will soon advance their engine and will realease much better flight simulator . :) I am sure in it.

Maddox (the IL-2 guys) are making another WWII sim called Pacific Fighters, but I think it uses the same gfx engine, but who cares? Just as long as it's as good as IL-2 I'm content. The thing I' hoping for is the anti-ship missions using TBMs and Avengers. Maddox is also working on a WWII RTS that's sodetailed it bogels the mind.

Hehe thx for info Gab. I dont check any game news anymore :) Just buy a final product, exeption : NIval Interactive projects (visit them at - Really good game developers. Leading in russian game industry(not leader, but close to it).

new pics for UE3.0



yup, that secong dood is so funny lookin, trying to fit every possible weapon onto

Excuse my language but..............FUDGE!!! :shock:

Wow, we've all been blown away!

I guess soon nvidia will be richer on few more 10 millions of $ :)

hey i thought this forum is all bout counter strike...

well have any of u ppl played source Beta???? its actualy well good...

Hehe, CS is so popular because they managed to make a sport out of it...
It got so popular for it's bying system.
But it's all about the tactics, because one man ust won't survive in it, unless he's really skilled compared to his opponents.
Hmm, you think the graphics sucks? Well prepare for Half Life 2, cause with that there follows a new Counter Strike! And DAMN! Talk about beauty... I saw the new aztec map (Where you run around in some old ruins)
The water was reflective, tinted refractive, and distorted realistically when the soliders walked through it. And when the terrorists began shooting at the coutner terrorists in the water, there came all these really cool spashes, and the blood effects when one was hit in the torso by a couple of 7.62 rounds from an AK... I tell ya... That's bloody awesome.
For not to mention the really high detail characters, the moody advanced lighting, the even more advanced dynamic hardware processed shadows, the grass (Yea, like, really realistic grass), and the really cool phong shaders and fullscreen AA system (No more jacky edges... If your budget allows it... prepare for a hardware upgrade).
But yea, CS is damn addicted, I'll just keep it to the Half Life game and enjoy the graphics there ;)

Nah man i checked both of those Valve products, weak stuff!

Well, they're nothing compared to the UE 3 engine, or Doom 3, but it's still pretty damn good, not to be complained about.

Well you know valve have been developing Half-Life 2 engine for so long and release it in such a state ? Omg i think it was not worth even creating ! The provide not a competitive product, relying on their fans : nice idea, but peoples faith in Valve is fading.

Hmm, I think you're over exagerating alot there...

Nah man it is true, Half Life 2 is up and cant compete Doom 3 ! The only thing Valve has in stock is a long script for the game and many pre-made actions in the game, which sometimes annoys much ! LOL i even now can figure what missions it will have, so it is not worth a look of a busy gamer

actually, hl2 might be the best game ever made

98% on Pcgamer Vs 91 for doom3

it has its arguments for being better than doom3, too many for me to state here