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This is a site that I plan to model after the likes of and others. It's not currently working in all browsers (minor defects), but it should be when it's complete. I have to say, I really like these web standards. Though they oft piss me off, they're pretty nice to have. All comments and critiques are appreciated.

Looks great, original i must say :) Good structure and coding too, you're heading in the right direction, keep it up!

"Good" and "coding" two words I never thought I'd hear in the same sentence. Haha, thank you for your reply BioALIEN. I'm thinking of offering a pale green to replace the pink by way of stylesheet switcher, just to appeal to those who will pass it up based on the pink. Think that'd be wise, or should I stick to my guns?

Nice layout, fonts...maybe I just don't like the colors (don't mean they are bad just it's not my favorite colors.

Layout dont pretend to be original, but all in all it is good.

nice css skills

i must say.. there is not much contrast ;).. but i like the design :)


RedD: I know that the layout isn't the most original, and in order to clear up any bad feelings I've e-mailed NetDiver just to be on the safe side. I'm also planning on using a stylesheet switcher to edit the colors (a muted green, I'm thinking) and the layout.

Thomas: Thank you, coming from you that means a lot.

SE: The contrast is an issue. I'm thinking of way to rectify the situation.

To everyone, thanks for all the positive feedback.

Hey everyone, I'm back again. I just couldn't finish that design that was up there, but I started another one about five days ago. It's not done, but the main page is mostly. RedDragon's comment about the layout not being original sort of stuck out in my mind, because really I was basing it off of Sort now I present to you the new and hopefully improved LM, now with about five times as much CSS goodness.

I saw very similliar desing at one studios website. Well the only suggestion is to add soem features, website looks undone , just like it was done on 70%s.

If your using CSS for the layout you might as well go ahead and make it as XHTML... I think it needs some sort of graphical header with decent styled title/logo to finish it off, the site itself doesn't have much of an identity the header would solve this. Maybe you could blend some more colour into the layout, neutrals and mono-colouring alone can look abit boring. The yellow from the Rockstar logo looks really good... *hint*

Why not make your sub-headings/tabs as text ? You seem to know CSS well enough, it could easily be done and would help you rank higher in the search engines.

How do you remember what classes are what ? I'm just curious as to why you list them as numbers...

Great site.

Red: Are you referring to Asterik Studio, per chance? Similar, sure they are, but also both are unique.

Trico: Hmmm, I went to W3C and read up a bit about XHTML and crafted which when checked with the validator came out fine, but when viewed is just source. So I'm guessing wrong file extension? I'm not too familiar with XHTML.

I see your point about not having much of an identity, and I'm working to correct that as we speak. Not exactly the most talented Photoshop user around. I'll tinker with more colors, but I know for sure that I'm going to be changing the soft blue to something else. The yellow/orange from the logo looks nice, but I was thinking a red maybe.

Could you be so kind as to provide me with a link? Not quite familiar with any CSS that lets you add anti-aliasing to text. Shadows maybe?

I just do the numbers and letters because I'm anal about things. It's not that hard to remember.

First off, XML isn't the same thing as XHTML, even though they're related in a sense.

You can leave the file extention as .html or .xhtml (I've found that normal .html has better support) Other than that just use a XHTML doctype along with a few other minor changes. Dreamweaver is capable of doing most of them for you assuming that is what you use, (or have available to you.)

All text is anti-alised by default on screen anyway. Your OS settings produces far better more defined, cleaner results than displaying it as a graphic. I'm thinking red is too sharp a colour, I could be wrong; it's just that orange/yellow seem to go more naturaly with blue.

nice layout here, looks a bit lighter than the old one i must say but non the less - a good job. You gotta stop and finish these layouts, dont just keep changing from one to another. ;)

I was going to say the exact same thing about the class names but i guess everyone has their own individual way of working right? The new layout lacks a header where u can put the site title and a slogan or anything to give people a clue on what this site is about without too much time spent. The old layout was good in doing that, so i guess this is the main area ur falling behind.

Another suggestion would be to move the footer to take up the entire button row so u can have a balanced layout - thats one thing u can experiment with. The website will definatly get better with time and effort...

Keep up the good work!