GfxElite Status Changes

This is to confirm that there have been changes made to the GfxElite group status.

The points required to reach GfxElite have been raised from 500 points to 1000. This intentional change makes GfxElite a harder target to reach. The reason for this is simple:

In light of recent massive activity on GfxDiary and GfxForum, the level of spam and off topic posting by members has doubled or even trippled in some forums. Setting this group such a high points rank will deter potential members from spamming their way to achieve this special level.

The other main reason behind this change is the fact that with the arrival of new contests and small challenges, we are encouraging members to participate in such creative/programming activities to WIN some points in order to reach the GfxElite status. This allows us to be generous with points, while making sure the winner gets a clear and fair advantage for participating.

I hope you all understand, this is for the best! :idea:
Me being the only GfxElite member to have crossed the 500 points so far, is more than ready to loose this status...for now :twisted:

GfxDiary Team