The old disabled man, a keen motorcycle enthusiast, spends most of his lonely hours wishing he had a bike like this, while all the has is his electric powerchair and a walking stick. He has enormous resent for his disability, knowing he will never ride again. Therefore he is not only envious of the wealth and youth of the young Harley owner, but jealous of his able body.

The old guy is my nice neighbour. He is not really envious/jealous or does he resent his disability. I took a few photos at different angles etc. But I had a hard job deciding between two shots in particular. This shot is allot better photograph wise, however the old people’s buggy thing is a little unclear. In the other shot, it is more obvious, but the photograph is a bit boring and unoriginal. Click here to view it if you like.

Photograph taken using a Kodak DX4530 (5.0 megapixels, 3x optical zoom).

Nice shot, but decent bike :) I really dont like bikes, less effective, less speedy. Only if there was some Suzuki or Yamaha :)

The image is broken, or your host is down. You might wanna consider adding it to your gallery to avoid such problems :idea:

Edit: Now i can see it :) Its very good, the level of detail captured and the man's facial expression - clever stuff. Keep them coming!

Thanks Red and Bio. Yeah, my host may have gone down for a short while, but it's usualy very reliable. I'l enter the photo hunt challenge, but the weather in england is so unpredictable at the moment. Just as I see it sunny and get my cam it starts to rain! :(

Very good, waiting for you contest entry.