X-Gravity Reseller Plans - Great Value for your money

Included in ALL Reseller Accounts:

cPanel 9.x/WHM
Unlimited Mysql Databases
PHP 4.x
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Shared SSL
Cgi-bin / Perl 5.8.1
Daily Backups
Microsoft Frontpage Entensions
Email Forwarders
Auto Responders
3 Web Based Email Programs
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

X-Gravity R1
Space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 20GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $10.99/month

X-Gravity R2
Space: 3GB
Bandwidth: 35GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $16.99/month

X-Gravity R3
Space: 5GB
Bandwidth: 50GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $22.99/month

X-Gravity R4
Space: 7GB
Bandwidth: 75GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $28.99/month

X-Gravity R5
Space: 9GB
Bandwidth: 90GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $34.99/month

X-Gravity R6
Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 100GB
Unlimited MYSQL DB's
PHP 4.x
Price: $40.99/month


For more information please email [email protected]

website: http://x-gravity.net

ah, a site! finally, looks good

Nice redesign - good luck with the customers, now you have a stronger appeal!

Thanks guys! :P

Good website, but i woudl suggest you to remove flash, or make it less weighty, soem peopel come for information and not all are using the broadband internet connection. Also looks very close to Noxcels design, wont be surprised if he did the layout.
In the last times many hosting companies appeared, hope yours will last longer then others and will have a good future.


I have no idea who noxcel is and a customer of mine did it. Phiberart.com

Also, XG has been in business for over a year so hopefully things will go well.

The layout doesnt look anywhere near noxcel's designs - just because the layout uses vertical styles!

Phiberart.com is down - i hope this is not hosting related otherwise it projects a bad omen for your business ;)

It must be your browser bio because I can access it fine :) Anybody else having problems viewing it?

I'm glad you all seem to like the website, i made it. :P
im unfirmiliar with the design that you mentioned, they may have ripped it from me, who knows. check my site out - phiberart.com

Yeah it works fine - must have been my browser. :?

Dont worry phiberart its a false alarm - theres no similarities. Great job!

Oh yea Bio is a great desing pro. Open your eyes man and check noxcels works. I dont say if philberart ripped anythign or noxcel did, but i wanted to say they are using same stcructure and all look some familiar. So i pointed on some layout dulness! pro.......

:) no worries

A small quote I picked out from some notes. "Finaly there is nothing new, almost everything we create has been done before only in a different way, so learn to asses and analyse the work of others."

p.s Phiberart.com loads fine.

X-Gravity Web Hosting Starter Plan Special!

Price: $4.99/month

Starter Plan:

Space- 1000mb / 1GB
Bandwidth - 16000mb / 16GB
Addon Domains: 5
PHP 4.3.4
Unlimited Mysql Databases
Frontpage Extensions
Shared SSL
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
cPanel X theme or RVSkin - Your choice!

This is a fantastic special that everyone should take advantage of. This will be going on for the whole summer so tell your friends and have some fun!

Website: http://x-gravity.net

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