marnie versus RedD

Ok here you will be recognising the battle between marnie and me.

The rules: One picture is choosen. First designer edits the pic the way he wants. Then the other edits his pic and so on. Until the picture will have a candy look.

Rules for others:
1. Add comments!
2. Only creative criticism, no "just bad", or "awful".
3. Keep ya anger on me down please anywya i wont react anymore.

marnie will post the start picture.



Why just marnie? Couldn't we participate too? :(

Sorry BlaZe if ya want to battle i can battle ya, in like 2 weeks. MIne entry will be listed in few days.

Ok, then we'll just watch you... hey where is my popcorn? :)
And where is the original image?

This girl-kids pic is the original.

Ok, lets see how this battle develops :arrow:

that's not a battle...

but a nice game

of cours RedD changed the rules !!

Yea Yea. Well lets not call it a battle, damn hard pic, ideas dont come at all :/



btw 4 and 7 am

404 Not found... :(

3 mbs!

of course

I've wated for 15 minuts and still can't to open it... :evil:

and chose rmx-05.....

when you're doing a rmx you must keep all your graphics, so 3mb it'snt really too much.

Thats a nice battle piece. Now can we keep this topic on track and stop going sideways? Lets see how THIS battle develops, not talk about a past battle!

Very nice. I just don't like part of her face streched(in the right part it looks too...ugly) and the white lines takes too much attention to them, they has to be more blended or maybe opacity of lines should be changed. But all in all it's a good work.

Mine entry round 1. Added some Textures.

Took aaagggeeess to load. Taking into account that this is round 1, i'd say its looking good, I like what you've done there red. Subtle but nice. Looks like a very old photograph.

Sorry but Bio denied mine request for more space. I had to upload it to bad free hosting service. Gonna fix it if i find a better free one.

took me a second to load...good job!

plus, i'd like to give thanks to my internet are my loved one and I could have never done it without you, i love u and always will my 3Mbitps connection, sniff...

good job on da 1st round

thats sad...

though its an excelent job

good move on the resize :)

I did want it to, but it anywya moved into dark art. Well i am ready for it anywya :)

Nice work marnie! Your picture has style. Tere are some details that are need to be add but this is hust the beginning... keep it going!

well... I'd like to continue this battle redD..


Aight i will install PS 2morrow and will destroy this pic a bit.

Installing Photoshop will be a good idea since this is a Photoshop battle! :lol:

nice thx

Added some stuff, i am out for party now, peace.

Edit: Link fixed by BioALIEN!

error Нет такой страницы


Lol stupid server dont allow creating website domain which contain hidden and not available for other people content. So it got simply deleted. Ok i got good ftp fixed, i hope it works now.

Doesn't work RedD

OMG how this stuff drives me off.............

*beep* happens! :) My feedback is in the gallery.

Nice, but this grunge effect (dots) in the upper right part looks...artificial.

I can't finish alone this battle ;)

I will probably wont make everybody happy with mine entries since i spend like 2 hours at home, out all the other time.

RedD, dont make excuses now - you're the one who challenged marnie to a battle, do the honourable thing and stick by your challenge. I've had enough of semi finished battles on here :x

Nice combo reply there - lets see what RedD cooks up on his next round :arrow:

Yea exactly Bio and you particepated in all of them ;) Dont teach others if you dont follow it yourself. I will do my rounds when i have time and thats it.

Anyway good round marnie.

Waiting for your reply RedD! Show your skills! :)

Battle closed, i have no tiem for it. Possibly it will be opened later, jsut got much projects to do.

Sorry marnie, i couldnt find the time :(

Good try though, hope you get the time to pick it up once again.
Havnt seen marnie on here for a while though - must be enjoying her summer holiday still :roll: