Gallery MOnopolics

You can call me a rapanoic or anything, but i guess somebody is downgrading others artworks. The example: mine website pic had 3.7 in overall and after another 2 votes in now has 2.7!!! It means that both times somebody voted as 0, which means artwork dont worth even posting. I showed this layout to some really good designers and their overall vote was like 4 and 3.5 , but 0 is absolutely insane! I guess somebody wants his artworks to be shawn in TOp Rated, so he gets much comments and also it will mean he is really a pro. Came to conclusion that most,NOT ALL of peopel here are jealous kids. Lets not point with fingas aight?

Not that I consider the voting system to be very meaningful at this stage (neither should you)... but to keep you happy I'll vote 0 as well if you like; but go throwing vague unproven accusations around like that, you wonder why people don't like you ?

What if it is true, why shouldnt i put this stuff on discussion. Well if people dont liek a person, it means they should put his works down? With the easy touch of the person like you Trico, the hard work of many days is being show as total trash. Even at the times when i didnt like SithLord i anyway been giving his works 5's and 4'ths.
Anyway Trico it wasnt meant to be a post where you show your opinion about me. It wasnt meant to be a post saying that people dont like me. I can state few different matters why people dont like me and not all of them are good for you.

People have as much right to make a choice of saying something is poor just as it is good, regardless if it's intended to be spiteful or the opposite, being to boost ones perceived image at their chosen field. They're simply opinions and nothing more. We're not talking about a full comprehensive community of well educated designers/artists so it's up to you to decide on how acurate you value what your shown...

This isn't a one way disscussion; when you say something unfoundedly dumb you WILL PROVOKE a reaction. Don't get me wrong, I am just as capable of seperating personal beliefs from professionalism. I think alot of your work is very decent, but as a person your something less than desireable.

i never rate pics anyway, never found the sense in that...i only give out comments to poeple but a # between 0 and 5 doesn't tell them what to fix, what colour to use, how to use it, where to fix's only made to praise or smack down..
and if i wuz in ur shoes redD, I wouldn't care much about rating systems to the point where I track down votes and rating changes :idea:

For your opinion, the rating system on the gallery is IP monitored, that means a person can only vote ONCE! Its all about opinions, if the person likes ur work they can give it a 5 if they dont like it they can give it a 0. You of all people cant complain about anything because all u did was give negative feedback to people rather than praise them. So you can expect similar reaction from others around the site.

Heres a tip, be kind and professional around here and u may see people having equal level of respect towards you and your work. :idea:

I consider that people give to the artwork 0 because they wan't to make the total mark lower. I don't vote very often and I even didn't vote for your layout but people have different opinions, Red. And I think bio right, if you'll gave only bad marks to others they will never give you 5... You need to be polite yet professional.

Very bad i cant say everything i think now here or i get banned. And Trico want to congratulate you, you been adeed to list

You have a 'bad' list? wow, never knew someone would do that. you have voodoo dolls with member names on them too?
Juuuust kiddin...

No it is a list n my mind, whos life to make worst. I tryed to keep patient and dotn swear, but Trico fed me up with that EVERYBODY hate you here. It is liek puting sault on the wound yaknomean? Anyway i will follow your advise Sith.

P.S. Trico want me to tell who you are? It will be more paintful for you lol. I can invite many peeps here who tell you what person i am in rl. If you been in Ireland you would already been explained the truth, so keep silent please.
P.S.S. didn use any swear words. just expalined the matter of things a bit (especially to BIO)

Really you're quite pathetic.

Guys, guys, let's finish all this talks once and for all. Everybody has it's opinion but it will be wise to keep your thoughts inside if they hurts other people. Is it necessary ot talk in such agressive way? Let's calm down and remember why are we here...

to make 3d faces in the same time as making an ATHT

The gallery voting problem has been resolved. The Top Rated art pieces now all must reach a CERTAIN NUMBER OF VOTES to be considered to the TOP RATED list! I hope this brings this topic to an end.