I want to warn everybody that mine e-mail account once again hacked! So if something really bad will be done here it aint mine fault! Possibly that person going to change all mine passwords once again, so really soon i get atk'ed on GfxDiary account, because mine ICQ already down. Once again please dont react on possible actions and if he posts track his IP(to Bio personally).
Thank you

Thank you for warning.

Emergency is off. The person tracked. Same person as in the first time. What you suggest me to do?

Find him, kick him in the balls, and cover his head with alot of hair foam, and light it (Burns VERY hard and fast!), all this shile he has been tied with a 2 meter long rope to a horse, then the fire will scare the horse, and make it run... Should just about do it :D
Or, you could give him iron-plated shoes on, and tie his hands to the spoiler on your car, and go drive... if he's any clever, he will "ski" on the road with the shoes... else he will fall and die... (IQ test to the death ;) )
Hehe, no, seriously... Just hand him over to the police, remember logs and proves... Would be the best, then he gets what he deserves...

I dont know how the police is like in Rusia, but I would have reported it to them.
How come you get hacked so many times :s, try to get a password with both numeric alpha and special signs in it like [email protected], which is VERY hard to hack and if someone saw you typing it, he would forget it soon ;)

oops, did I just post the gfxdiary admin password? lol kiddin

Yes, ELF, nice idea! :) RedD, kick his *beep*.

It works, speaking of experience ;)

-censored- that -censored- hacked me again. Damn buying bills to Ukraine, gonna crash his face with mine TT gun.

get a barrett .50...well,it costs $7500 USD, but you can snipe him from 2Km away.

2km thats insane!

Thanks for letting us know the situation. Well, now that the issue is resolved this topic has no reason to stay open :idea: