Abstract Darkness

War for the prestigue title of the Lord of Dark Arts shall be waged upon the members of the staff.
Here are the transcripts from the aincent monolith revealing the rules wich must not be broken for the apreantice on Darkness to be succesfull:

1. The Conjuration (picture) must be as least colorfull as posibble for we must achive the darkness so most wanted colors are color of black and all colors with shades of Darkness

2. The Conjuration must be great in size. More the Conjuration is great more the Conjuration bodes for the higher levels of Darkness.

3. The Conjuration must be signed by a unique but readable/recognizable name.

The path of Darkness begins here!!!

Blood Omen

All done with Bryce and PhotoShop...

Domain of The Water Demons

interesting way to put down the rules :P

for some reason felt like doing some quickie GFX in conjunction with those inspiring words :)

bit groove/grunge there > killed by society

commenting on your 2 pieces..hmm...well they look quite nice, but for me they dont reflect "shades of darkness" too much...would expect something more...grungy, darker, fearfull to come there.

take care buddies.

nice... excellent rules DeadKid. nice show of images for both of you :)

nice images, i like the red one.

Shades Return even more powerful than ever...

nice photo there mate....

like it....what cam u got?

Taken last march with my friends cam (i really dont know wich one hehas) in Munich << Germany in the service tunnels of the subway.
I did some photoshop abuse of the pic (Adjust<

well hue/saturation, levels, contrasts and curves are "allowed" to be changed.... :P

"real" ( slash analogue ) photographers do it the dark room....we got PS for that :)

not even sure if the blur was needed there...but indeed a very nice pic...

keep it goin

hehehe, nice show of skill there DeadKid. excellent - keep it up both of u :wink:

Some cute girls from inferno number 9...