Modern architecture

I walked about the city, with my tripod and cam. I got a few good shots, though unfortionatly I didn't properly get into the "creative mood" that afternoon. Nethertheless I tried to make something of the haul. Photograph #1 is my personal favorite.

    Photograph #1 - Unknown, (new apartments and studio flats on the dock front).
    Photograph #2 - The Spectrum building, Bristol, England.
    Photograph #3 - At-Bristol's planetarium (the Orange Imaginarium).


Ooo good shots, the 3rd one is by far the best - good eye ;)

Maybe you should enter the Photo Hunt Challenge we have running on here. Check the Photography section for the topic :arrow:

Thank you :)
Yea sure id love to enter.

Yes the shots are good. Especially the first one.

I apprciate the comments, thanks BlaZe

:o they're shibby, I especially like the 2nd one ...

1 word "NEAT"

( i tried to post this ealryer but then the pc @ school crashed ;))

Thank you Thomas and SE