It took me a while to find the right location for this shot. Eventualy I found this old brick factoy on an industrial park. In this photograph I was trying to portray the feelings of isolation, loneliness, solitude etc. With the figure lying in the lower left-hand corner and the large expanse of brick wall above him, I was trying to show how poweless, exposed and vulnerable he is. As far as the viewer is concirned, he has no face, no identiy, no age. I think I managed to achieve the emotional atmosphere I was hoping for.

Good shot, it has huge meaning behind it. I did something similar for my Media Studies project a few years back. Very good, keep it up!

Great pic. I love it, it has sense.

it has sense,unlike most of those abstract 3d artworks i see online... so guess what....even though 3d is my world,this makes me love work that doesn't belong to that's that good.

Thank you :)

The only thing I would change in this shot, is to have a less expencive beer than Grolsch, as a tramp wouln't be able to afford it. Or maybe a wine or vodka bottle aswell/instead of beer cans.

:lol: or maybe theres a story behind this tramp? Leading a rich life doesnt neccessarity gurantee a future? ;)

Vodka bottles? Hmmmm.... I can find them! Lol! :D

lol :p ur using a dutch beer brand on your photo :p WITH I AM DRINKING RIGHT NOW! :D:D do they have grolsch in the UK?
dude :p if you can get some PALM.. SURE TRY SOME :D*hint*

damn, your photocreatingskills are great, such ambiance in this picture... very good!

Thank you Thomas!
Yes SE, we have grolsch in the UK :-) I like.