Dawn Of The Dead!

I went to see Dawn Of The Dead a few days ago. All i can say is :shock: Forget all the Resident Evil films, this is the REAL RESIDENT EVIL!

The RE producers should feel ashamed of themselves for that horrible, weak plot mess they released. Lets hope they learn from Dawn Of The Dead and bring out some decent story for the next movie installment Resident Evil 2!

Dawn Of The Dead was really good, i recommend you all to watch it. Its funny, has some jumpy scenes (not that i got scared :P), and it has a decent story which is the typical resident evil game style. Some people trapped in a town full of BioCreatures, Zombies and my homies hehehe ;)

The funniest part was that big huge old woman. Damn, i felt disgusted, she was huuuuuuuuuuge :? :o ahahaha

You gotta see it for yourself. Bring in the feedback here when u're done watching :arrow:

Hey yo Bio i wont let you bug on my fav series Resident Evil cause i grove up with them since PS 1. So i can assure RE2 movie will kick as*.

Gonna watch this stuff you said. Bringing feedback later.

Well both movies were sort of a remake of George Romero's Trilogy. RE is a very bleak copy of night of the living dead (original dating 1968, remake in 1990) ... Dawn is a remake of the second part (you should watch that one too as the movies differ a lot). And definetely see the third one - Day of the dead. I saw it the other day (shame on me) and i loved it. It really puts some pieces together.

I was actually considering going to see 'SHAUN OF THE DEAD' tomorrow lol. Imo DoTd sounds like another really corny American film. I am however lookin' forward to Kill Bill V2 :D

Thanks for the history info Lombi, i'll try watch them!

Trico dont u hate it when they ***beeped*** out the woman's name? :x Damn, why i was like give me the name damn it! Hehehe