They are my host now hosting 2 of my domains. No troubles and usually respond within hours of support.

They have a new sale. 10$/year hosting. 500mb storage. 30gb bandwidth for windows hosting.

and I get money if you sign up ^_^

I dont get that professional feeling from browsing the site. They need a much better layout if they want visitors/potential clients to take them seriously. I've seen fake hosts with a more powerful layout to lure in the customers :idea:

Average package prices - seems reasonable enough.

P.s.: That counter at the bottom is a definate no no! It exposes them and their traffic and not to mention violating nedstats's rules since its added on every page making the stats false and unreliable :? You better tell them as a loyal customer and all ;)

what is nedstat?

I have been with them just over a year and they are good.

nedstat is that small blue icon u see at the bottom of every page. It tracks the stats but its only supposed to go on one page!