Photo Hunt Challenge: SUMMER!

There is not enough creative challenges being made to keep you active, here is another one:

This one is simple - its a photo hunt. The theme is SUMMER!
WINNER will be awarded 50 points on GfxDiary.

So find your best photo to convey/show/express the theme. This MUST be a photograph thats owned and taken by YOU! If you have been caught cheating then your entries will be discarded and your points taken away.

Now go out there and start hunting. Remember, it needs to be a photograph - no digital manipulations or 3d/2d additions! :idea: :arrow:

somebody support me and buy me a medium photo camera please :) :)

I'd better find my battery charger and get to charging my camera! :) Actually this is going to be pretty hard for most of us seeing as it's not summer at the moment and seeing as this is England here and, as everyone knows, England weather isn't the greatest. - Its more Spring than Summer, but then what do you expect with a some what unrealistic theme.

Saying you can go find somebody elese work from the web is lame imo; you'd simply go to the nearest stock photography/portfolio site

Well, that was a mere blunder on my part trying to get people with no camera to feel at home too. But its all good! This contest is open for a month so there will definatly be some sunshine somewhere near you! :idea: :arrow:

Come on people get off your lazy behinds and go snap some pics. Oh and a reminder, although i mentioned earlier no added effects well as with all photographers - you're permitted the usual photo touch up such as lights, blur, colour adjustments and cropping. Just make sure you remember, this is all about the photo! The aim is to minimise the work you have to do by taking everything into account while taking the snap. Its all in the camera skills - this is something hard but through practice you'll learn.

I'll be participating in this too - just waiting for some sun :D

bio, just give me a good digit cam and i'll snap some pictures ;)

or u can use ur ordinary camera and scan it ;) but im pretty sure you wont get far in this challenge hehehe!

lol ;) do not underestimate my photography skills ;) *choke* :D

nah.. i am goin to do a Photography education next year.. Evening school i think..

This pic I've made last summer. I don't even know what is the name of the flower but I know this picture was made in the park near my house! :)

Good shot, so far i think you got the lead :) Can anyone stop him? Only time will tell!

I've got some nice flowers in my front garden but I just can't find my camera charger! Damn!

Wow! I am impressed. I don't eve know that my photo skills are not very bad! 8)

whaah @ godless :D

hmm.. the flowers in our frontyard are almost dead... ans starting to get brown..
hmm :p

Mine will probably be dead by the time i charge my camera :lol:

Damn, there isnt enough sun here in the uk to lay the smackdown on you guys. Do you think we should expand this showdown to last a few months?

Probably, otherwise everyone that live in a different country to the UK will have a mega advantage to us. But there is the chance of sun on the 16th since there's never not been sunshine on mmy birthday :). Hopefully I havn't jynxed it now. :lol:

It's a pity that you can't take the cam always. I watched the scene how two black dogs were lying one the ground and the sun was funny pic it could be! :)

Damn BlaZe you're going through that stage too? Its the obsession stage - everytime i see some scene with some sunshine i think about this topic, and wish i had a camera to snap the perfect photo :)

One chance to make good pictures is to cary the camera with you always! :)

lol, i know what you mean bio..

Oh i know a perfect spot, in Dawn in the summer its mostly foggy (only low fog 1 - 1.5 meters high not soooo dense)
then theres is 3 (dutch) windmills in a row, and ofcourse a beautifal sunset. damn i wish i had a cam :(

Here's my shit

Well, it has been raining for the past few days here in the UK so i guess its only fair to give this photochallenge an extended period for all the photographers out there to show what they can do.

Nicely done there Piotr, i never once doubted ur skill - was just wondering when you're gonna lay the smackdown :)

yeah Zzzzzzz.......

The rules for this Photo Hunt has been changed. Now theres a 50 GfxDiary points at stake awarded to the winner. :arrow:

hmm.. i am just back from turky.. and i made a lot of pictures... but uhhm.. the cam quality sucks..


[edit] and i resized it a bit ;) [/edit]

:lol: SE that doesnt look like summer, it looks more like a "HOLIDAY" to me ;)

everybody lives it its own way right? ;)

This one I've made in my aunt's countryhouse, there are so beautiful flowers there!

Full size version is in the gallery.

Very nice blaze, this is by far better than the other one you snapped. :)

Those flower pix are making this a spring contest not a summer one ;)

Nothing interestin happening what you can shot. Maybe we'll see in a several months.

Are we allowd to enter only one? or as many as we like?

As many as you like, its a photo hunt so the hunt keeps on going till someone captures the right shot within the given time ;)

Ah right :) yippy

till when is the given time, ill get my cam end of the summer. hmm maby im in time for photohunt winter then :D

here is mine

nice nice, but where are the summerbabes dudes? :P

Nice photo, definatly has potential so it stands a good chance of going far in this Photo Hunt Challenge :)

Just came back from a 3 day vacation in Ottawa, Canada. Took some pics, so I think I will make something for this Challenge.

small preview:

I hope I will have time to finish it someday... :roll:

They look like nice pics! Good eye :P

Thomas wrote:

nice nice, but where are the summerbabes dudes? :P


I like the water reflections on the boat noxcel. Overall photograph is ok, a little small and I dont like the typo, it distracts.

Nothing special here. :|

Xeophex wrote:

I like the water reflections on the boat noxcel. Overall photograph is ok, a little small and I dont like the typo, it distracts.

the reason its small is because it is like 20% of the original photo:

Thanks for the comments.

:o you answerd quick.
:P ok ok, in that case, nice crop.

Good showing from both of you. Xeophex your photo is fantastic, but not directly related to the theme challenge. Its hard finding a photo for summer, most of you guys are snapping Spring related photos. I know some plants only appear in summer but you have to have reasonable and logical thinking too ;)

Think melting ice cream, ice cubes, beach, desert, cactus (if u really into snapping green scenes) - i think now you know how to win this :arrow:

Yeap, I know what you mean bio. Today is sports day for the younger years at my school, would be pretty good if it was a really hot sunny day today... but its not :( Because I don’t know about you, but for me, nearly every one of those fucking shity sports days I had to sit through as a kid was a boiling hot day. Thus a photo would be a strong representation of summer.
Of course there are all the typical shots like beaches, sea, sand, ice-cream, suntan lotion etc... but don’t know about you guys but for me this would be more related to summer vacation/holiday rather than just summer.

I suppose each person as a different interpretation of summer, because a desert shot of cacti/desert would just say heat or desert to me, because the seasons aren’t so distinct as say in Europe for example. Well summer isn’t over yet, I have some more ideas brewing. I’ll wait until there is a summer fate on in a town/village near by.

Wow, wtf, summer is going to go soon without me knowing.
Here are two I took back in June ish. Really nothing much, but its something atleast. I hope it gets better weather here in UK.

I think the second is too much green to represent "summer" well. But I like the ballence of blue (sky) and green etc in the first.

Okay summer is over dont u think? Its raining her in the UK :x
Heres my entries:

Photo1: Too hot to wear clothes? Or is the owner out in the sea somewhere?

Photo2: Ever wanted to see BioALIEN in public? Well now u can, he's the guy on the left covered with all that "radiation".

Photo3: The classic approach. Hot sun and HOT something ;)

I think the 2nd photo is the closest to winning this challenge dont u think? Not being biased or anything here ;)