hi all, i no i am a new member here but was looking at the work on here and its impressive, better than i could do, anyway i was looking for some1 to make me a splash page for my site as the one i have is kinda dull , you will see what i mean.. if this could be done i would be very interested as i am looking at also getting a new site and payed for web space , the design in mention would be something with a cool logo in the middle and a kind of hi tech look to it.. nothing out of this world just something clean and fresh with a cool look to it.. nothing to expensive in price as i am unemplyed at this moment but i am willing to pay for some1 to make me one.. thanx all :D :D

hmm ill be willing to make you one, check out if your intrested

I think your splash is kinda good, but i do my best for free.

yes your splash now is nice, but icant compete with people who do free work :P

cool feel free red and thanx.. also thanx for the offer mafty much appreciated m8 for the help you were offering

thanx all, and redd i have just seen your banner entree for this site, very cool indeed..

he can pay you wanna do his work free?
some graphic designer are looking for money, it's hard job!

I agree there marnie, RedD you gotta give other designers a chance here to make a living :idea: ;)

Dont just say you'll do it for free without actually discussing the work and looking at ur own schedule! In any case, deadone keep us updated on the situation!

I promise i will do it as soon as i get stuff fixed everywhere.

Lol Bio give peeps a living, lol if people are so greedy to do it for free, just for credit, then they stay so.


ok all, thanx and there is no hurry at all as in the middle of a new design for my site.. but something like the one i have now would be great

RedD you can't finish a battle but you can do website for free !!! lol

I dont say i will do it now !!!