White America!

This summer, I downloaded eminem's video clip "white america" from Kazza. I thought nice clip and stuff, but I could never have imagined that it was created by Phong. I thought Eminem's staff did it, but no...


that is freaking awesome!!! Go phong!!!

i dont like rap, but this clip is cool :)

Nice clip, wow shocked that its done by phong. Thats really good, go phong, go phong, go phong! They're gonna be the new 2advanced now in my opinion ;)

That was way cool, its well worth the download time; don't like his music but the video is great. - I'd love to try and reproduce those techniques in Director.

Who the hell is phong?

sim wrote:

Who the hell is phong?

haha, sim=programmer :lol:

sim wrote:

Who the hell is phong?

Go to www.phong.com

i wish the lift fall down faster LOL, it took my computer 30min to load :@

Well i am too slow in my internet to download any clips, but if i download i download only Pac's clips, well despite Eminems - My Band (feat. d12).

It's a decent clip - worth the download, nice to see someone we know and can relate to working with the big industry dogs :)

Well phong is coolz to me cause i went to this community due to his website, i mean i started learning from his tutorials.