Another short animation.

Another Freehand animation for the series...

My not so matrix style Back Flip.

Oi ! Take those sun glasses of, its safe this time. 8)

Wasn't sure where to post this; Vector/Animation.

Im suprised he can still move his neck. it just snaps from nowhere.

looks pretty cool. the rubber man doing back flip.

Hehehe this one is even funnier than the last one. Especially the loop. But nice nonetheless - realism levels i'd give it a 1/5 nice colour scheme and the detail hmmm, well lets just say it looks like a person so thats good. Dance moves definatly gets 5/5!

i love it hehe, its nice angle and everything, too bad u didnt make him do another flip to his beginning stance it would be wiked lol, and sooooooooo funny i would piss myself.

quiet good, if it would be a real loop, it would be even nicer 3/5

It would be 'cool' 8) to have a seamless loop; but if you think about it carefuly. How many people do you know that can do a flip from the starting position of lying on their back ? Remember this was taken from a short clip of video footage that we did at college. (and yes that's actualy me)

... Wonder if anyone can work this out. :P

Hey if you seen that trailer i posted in the movie section for You Got Served the movie then you'll see that anything is possible :)