GFX Battle

If anyone replys to this, then I'll announce the rules. This doesn't seem to be active lately.

ooo fighting talk there Azhra! First of all, welcome to GfxForum - hope you find a worthy opponent for your battle. I know i've been engaged in a few battles which i havnt yet finished so im out of action on this one. ;)

give us the rules ^^

I want to participate too. My first battle. I hope that I can show you something...

Let me spill the info, from what i know, its Azhra's first battle too. It will be a Photoshop Filter based battle where you have to make the image 100% relying on the original filters supplied by Adobe. Its simple but great fun so i encourage somebody to step up to this challenge :D

Basically, yes. Here are more formal rules:

Program= Photoshop 7 (no other versions accepted)
Style= Filter.
Theme= Imagination.
# of Rounds= 3, each person getting a turn during the round.
Size of Image= 500 x 500 px, this will not change.

Other rules:
1. I shall supply a random shape from which filters must be applied to create something. Brushes and such are not allowed. EVERYTHING must be done by filter or Blending Options. If you are caught using something else, you are disqualified. (Note: Colors may be changed, using Hue/Saturation ONLY, brightness/contrast not allowed)

2. Each picture shall be continued from the previous. The .psd file shall be uploaded named as follows: Filter-x-x.psd
The first X is what number you go in, and the second X is what version the .psd is: EX: Filter-1-1, Filter-1-2, etc...
Also, a .gif file of the same name shall be uploaded as well.

3. Enjoy? Hehe...

I guess patched version I can use (mine 7.01). Can I use any other shapes? For example to draw a simple circle or smth... It sounds very unusual but I am in.

Patched version should be fine, but if Bio could verify that, it would be appreciated. Also, all filters MUST be stock to PS7. And finally, no other shapes can be added. Once I supply a shape, everything else is a continuation of THAT shape and all results after.

It unusual, but I figured maybe something interesting could be churned out.

I gues I begin to understand: no photo, no gradients, no even single line. Ok, but I will not start first , I want to look what is it possible to do.

Ok, everything seems understandable here. Azhra starts the battle with an unusual shape and from there onwards people must use Photoshop 7.x filters to create their piece.

I see one potential problem though, its the .PSD file exchange. Some people may not have a place to upload their file - i suggest you stick to .GIF/.JPG format image exchange only. And scrap that Photoshop restriction because almost all modern versions of PS can achieve the same filters. :idea:

Alright, restriction removed.

Also, I wanted the .psd uploaded because if you edit the .gif, it will also edit the background, which throws it out of whack.
With the .psd, the background layer remains unchanged. But I will see what I can do about uploading the .psd file.

Whats so wrong with people uploading psd files for a graphics battle contest? When entering programming contest you have to submit your source and its available for public after that. Really no difference here.

There is nothing wrong with making them available, sim, but the problem lies in whether or not people have a place TO make it available. I'm currently thinking of a way to solve it for this and future battles of mine.

I have small problems with my hosting, so maybe I'll email my work to somebody?

Azhra was talking tome about this option. So i guess its ok to email him your entries and he'll upload it and post it on GfxDiary for others to continue the battle!

So when shell we start? And who will participate?

*sigh* I've suddenly become swamped with school and house work, so I am forced to postpone the initiation of this battle until further notice. Hopefully, it won't be too long...

I'll be waiting :)

Let us know if this battle is still going ahead because this topic seems to have more text than art ;)

Hm... been a while... But at this moment, this battle is not happening. I've become involved in a few other things in my life, particularly my wonderful girlfriend, and have found myself devoting less time to the computer... a first in my entire time of owning a computer. I HAVE, on the other hand, found the Biogame topic, and would be interested in helping once you get more stuff decided.

So I'm guessing this battle won't be happening then.

I am afraid you are right! :(