GfxDiary Features!

We have been working to modify the GfxForum and giving you the users extra functionality and features. Here are the latest changes:

- Now you can UPLOAD your avatar on our server and use it instantly. This is great for users who do not have their own host to upload their avatars!

- Added RANKS for users that want something back for all the posting they do. There are several levels which can be achieved depending on how much you use this forum and post! Heres the break down:
Level 0 = 0+ posts
Level 1 = 100+ posts
Level 2 = 200+ posts
Level 3 = 300+ posts
Level 4 = 400+ posts
Level 5 = 500+ posts
Level 6 = 1000+ posts
Level 7 = 2000+ posts
Level 8 = 3000+ posts
Level 9 = 4000+ posts
Level 10 = 5000+ posts

We have broadened our WORD FILTER greatly. This is to make sure there is no foul language being used on GfxForum. Hopefully this measure will stop people and deter them away from using bad language in here. We encourage all our members to be nice and kind:

It's nice to be nice!

Just to emphasise on how serious we are regarding bad language - we are currently filtering 193 bad words and growing!

Dont have an avatar? Bored of your avatar? Looking for a new change?

We have now added an AVATAR GALLERY where you can select from existing avatars if you dont have a personal avatar or for when you are tired of your existing avatar and want a mood-changing personality-reflecting avatar :D

You can find them in your Profile > Show Gallery

There are currently 131 avatars to choose from. We will be cleaning them and organising them in sections in the future as well as adding more of course ;)