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Please visit http//www.gwhpk.com/sa1457g

That link above doesnt work. Please edit your post and fix the link by making the neccessary changes! :idea:

Bio you shouldn't be so lenient towards spammers.

Technically it wasn't spam because it's in the right forum and all that, but i could be because he/she will probably not be back again.

That link aboe still doesnt work, it just shows an empty directory tree. Perhapse get rid of the subfolder?
Is yoursite: http://www.gwhpk.com :?:

Well, if it is then heres a tip - please display all hosting prices with the plan names, because its very difficult to navigate through all your pages to get to the hosting price. Space, bandwidth and price are the most important pieces of info and should be displayed in the main page instead of those screenshots of websites (portfolio items).

Note: I dont consider this as a spam, its ok if some companies regard the GfxDiary site as a selling point for their products and business. So long as its relevant, and within the rules


...but i could be because he/she will probably not be back again.

Well that was the first impression I got immediently; if this is not true then I'll be happily surprized and take back my previous statement.

Same here, but if bio says it's not spam, it's not spam.

"Our priorities is our faith."

care to explain further nox?

BioALIEN wrote:

care to explain further nox?

no :lol: just some quote I found and decided to post it...

Shouldnt you take away some of his points for spamming? in the other thread?

Nah, he/she only got 2 points. Its not worth the hassel. Having the other topic emptied is a more effective approach. I dont think they're doing this for points/posts just a rubbish cheap way to promote their business through SPAM!