can someone help me with 2 fonts?

i need helvetica regular and gillsans roman and gillsans bold..
its for a school project.. i just installed quark x-press 5.0.1 on my pc.. and i opened my school docs but i needed some fonts..
i already got 2 of them.. but i need 2 more..

gillsans bold

helvetica is just for a small title..
and i cant use a other font becouse if the caracter is a bit wider i'll fuck up my layout and can start again when i open it @ school..


i someone would be so lovely and kind to help me oud and send the ttf file by email or add me to my msn

captain_wik[at] :)

thanx :)

Sorry , but i guess i havent updated fonts for ages :))

lol :p

ur a bad man you know that? ;)

i think i already got em :)

[edit: yeah i got the fonts already ;) thanx for reading my crap you all ;)]

*goes to work*