Oh Hell Yes!

I've been designing (and by designing, I mean actually designing and then stopping) websites for a good year now, very short time I know, and I've done as many others before me have down and sold out. I posted some of my work (what very little there was) and hoped for some replies.

A couple of days ago a man by the name of Matt Benoit sends me an IM asking if I had a host that I was associated with. Well, I said, I was on Initial Host, but only because of the fact it was free. Now though, it's been down for almost two weeks, so I'm going to go with a resounding no. This seemed to be what he had wanted to hear and asked me if we could negotiate a deal about him hosting me, and me bringing in customers. I was excited to say the least.

It turns out Matt owns www.networkharmony.com, which I have to say is one of the more impressive host sites I've seen. The way it works is I get clients who I design a site for, and when they need somewhere to host it, low and behold I have just the host for them. Right now I'm going by the graces of Matt that I'll start generating money, and when I do (which I will, not to sound cocky, but to sound sure in myself) I'll start using the money to pay for the hosting, and eventually turn a profit.

It's nice, and I'm giddy. Now to design my business site...

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Good luck with your hosting plans!

Sweet deal you've struck there; :D

Good luck.

I found something funny on his site.
"12-70 GB Traffic
400k-2million Hits/Month" WHAT? lol, what kind of plan is this?

Anyway, I am happy for you. If for some reason things will not go as planned, contact me. I can give you a free hosting account. lol, I didn't know you needed hosting :wink: