Designer wanted! (SMALL LAY-OUT)

I'm looking for a designer that can make a page header, a content header and an content footer!

this i need for a small site... nothing spectaculare!

I just need it as soon as possible...

the winner gets a free script made by me!

(the script is not gonna be big) just state what u want... and i'll see if i'm willing to trade such a script for a (small)lay-out

lol :) r u frank?

(moet in engels anders wordt bioALIEN boos :P ;))

Uh, I might be able to do something, but I don't really need a script. You're going to have to give more specific information though.

Let me see..

- it has to have the text (and some cool futuristic background)
- content header (just a cool header about 1 cm. in height)
- content footer (same as the content header, but a little bit different)

You might want to be more specific on your request and offer some information as to the setting of where it'll eventualy be used. You haven't stated how wide each header should be, do you have any specific colours to be used in mind as this undoubtedly will affect the appearence of a page in a big way. The last two points are really vague, should they contain any text ? if not would any be added later with html. Saying "a little bit different" doesn't mean too much, different size, colour, shape static or animated etc. ?

All I'm saying is the more detail you can give the better and finer tuned they will be. I'd like to think I could help but I'm already busy.


and i'll see if i'm willing to trade such a script for a (small)lay-out

Uncertainty and the fact that your not definently willing to part with a script doesn't sound too reasuring if someone is to make your requests.

that is the problem.. i don't know what it should look like, cause it's for a friend of mine...

maybe it would help if i told it was for a small business site, a personal company.. so it has to look a little bit professional

what kind of company would be handy to add ^^

a like i said.. a smal PERSONAL/business site.. where u can find scripts, for free, and for a small fee