If I should make a film based on a book...

If I were to make a film based on a book, it would of course be an animated film...
Now I don't know how many have seen the book Dinotopia (you can't really say read, because it's mostly pictures, VERY nice pictures... But still there's a story and there fore also some text..)
But this book, the whole world it's based on, and the story you experience the world through, that's really playing with my maind, and if I were to make a film, it should be an animated film based on this book.
What about you guys? BTW Pr0n films don't count ;)

Dinotopia is allready a movie.

Yea Dinotopia is a serial on TV.

I've seen too many dino films, theres the Dino series, then there was the animated movie by disney. Lets forget the "Walking with Dinosaurs" documentries that have been a major success with their amazing visual effects! 8)

If i was to make a film then it'll most likely involve aliens or other weird unexplored phenomenon! I like my horror/mystery genres too much!

Lol Aliens is banal, so does the fantasie. I like Chinise/korean/japanesse producers wich put awsome movies. Many blood, kills, no mercy, the show of the real world is, not the censor ship of USA movies. But KIll Bill really impressed me with ammount of cuten legs, arms, heads and much blood around ;)

lol When I read "blood, kills, no mercy" I instantly thought of Quentin Tarantino; an' i was right. :P

Don't read all that much but It'd probably have aspects from some of Bill Bryson's books...


Resevoir Dogs ?

BTW Also i liked veyr old work of Quentin Tarantino caleld Houd Dogs or so....damn i didnt know there so much blood in me ;)

Hehe, cool :D
Well, so already been made? dammit... I wasn't really interested in the dinosaurs, more the landscapes and the buildings and inventions...
But too bad then...
What about "escape of the gnomes?" :P a really cool book about gnomes that try to escape from earth to their mothership on the other side of the moon :D
It's actually a really cool book, because of the way the humans are pictured: sloooooooow and stupid, because of their size...

But now comes the question, do you think you allowed todo movie on a book without a permission?

Good move Red, we're back to square one! You cant use an idea done by someone else. I suggest you read the hot topic we have going at the Xpose section!

Yea Bio wrote some nice stuff there.

you to RD :D.. :p

lol :p