my site was ripped

heres the rip

heres my site

fucking moron, id love to kick his ass

He's an amateur ripper at that...

Usually its best to just send 'em an email drawing along the lines of being tactful expressing your view, followed by writing something along the lines that you will take "...further legal action if the offending content/material is not removed within 48 hours." in a straight to the point no-bullshit manner. This usually gets their attention. - But I notice you took a slightly different route.

You can also try and contact the company hosting his site and get it shut down.

already contacted him and the company hosting his site

Account suspended. =)

Account Suspended :D

Thats what you get you *bleep*

And its up again =/
lol @ making the text in the logo black and putting on new text again, i always make much detail under the text so if the blur it or something you kill the whole banner :)

you could e-mail his affilitates and tell em its a ripper there linking to :)



Lets hope he doesn't get any further than that. :roll:

OMG i would care.

yes it is down, i made sure of that :D

hmm site says under con. but the layout is still up there =/

Well, i missed the beginning of this topic, but hey, another job well done i guess. Another blow for the dirty rippers ;)

lol :p i didnt know you could ask the hosting to shut it down :D

As long as it is breaking their own 'terms of service' rules then they should act upon it; but they're also obliged to because of copyright anyway ?

Poor ripper...Well i guess he was in bad m00d to rip this site 8)

yeah but copyright.. dont you have to fill a lot of forms for it?

I guess ure confused with ® and TM