Tutorials.GfxDiary.com Released!


You have been waiting for weeks and its finally here. Tutorials section of GfxDiary is now officially launched to the public and ready for action. It has been delayed to fix as many bugs and errors, as well as introduce extra features and functionaltiy. The result speaks for itself, what can now arguably be called the most powerful tutorial system on the internet.

We have already imported a few of our old tutorials from the previous GfxDiary 2003. However, there will be a lot more coming soon.

Please note there might still be a few minor bugs still in the system, but in time these will be fixed.

Future enhancements and development features are:
- Code syntax tags and highlighting
- Flash tutorials
- Integrate the points system to give users points for participating on the tutorial section!

Hope you all like the system, and as always direct your feeback in the Site Feedback!

Thank you,

GfxDiary Team