coding my site

well i tried to code it, but i obviosly sscrewed up huge, so i need some major help with it, take a look at projects,forum,tutorials, affiliates and some other pages all have glitches in them and i cant fix it someone plz help me

what do you mean by glitches?

ah I see.... you shouldnt use big bars at the left and right, instead use a very small image, with the same patern and repeat it 100 times by adding it to the background of that particular column.

Although thats a fair design suggestion by Thomas its not very efficient. Mafty, i can see you have some design talent but i suggest you take time to learn CSS properly. Otherwise, your letting yourself down which is a shame!

A better method to fix your glitch is specifying a bg image that repeat only vertically using stylesheet!

how big should my bg image be though.....should i start over with my design and try to code it right? like the way im doing it now is i take my photoshop image, move to image ready, slice in image ready (every single dam page) then move to dreamweaver jsut open up my save optimized file, i delete some solid color blocks and make them BG images, (i do this for every dam page), then do all the links and rollovers for every page, so it wasnt s short time it took me to do this. but imobviosly screwing up

I know many designers that create the entire layout on Adobe Photoshop slice it up using Adobe ImageReady then finally take it to Macromedia Dreamweaver to tweak it up and get it ready. My method is the exact opposit, i dont know, its just the way i got into webdesign. Here it goes:

I start the HTML side first using Dreamweaver/Notepad - this is where i do all the HEAD, CSS, BODY and TABLES (layout skeleton). When thats done i use Photoshop for design small precision sized images, and paint them on the site either fixed (on the actual tables) or flowing (through CSS). The advantage of using the CSS method is speed, less overall code as well as the fact that your site becomes skinnable for future redesigns just change CSS!

i see, but how do you know how big to make the tables and what goes were....thats a lot of guessing and what if you want to add or change something its all messed up..

btw is there a way to make like just the middle part of the site editable, so i make the top the bottom the nav side bars etc that are going to be the same for every page then jsut keep changing what goes in the middle so i dont have to make the rollovers 8000 times in each page and have to keep doing all the sam dam links


btw, Is there a way to make like just the middle part of the site editable ?

I could suggest that you place all of your written content within an 'iFrame'. Where the table cell is with your writing in; place a frame inside and set it to the same dimensions as the cell.

The idea being you write all your content within seperate individual html files and call upon each page as and when the user clicks on a link.



The result is that only the centre box containing your content refreshes leaving all the other page elements static and unchanged. I've not used them for a long time so don't take my code too literally.

- However there's a nice article over at Web Monket on using iFrames...

yea i know how to use iframes and i know how they work, but im sayign is there a way to edit jsut the middle but the whole page is still loading? like a template or something

Macromedia Dreamweaver has an "Editable Region" option where you can make the overall layout and specify which bit can be changed (such as the content cell). Then when you change this page it'll affect all the pages using one template.

For more information i suggest reading the excellent Macromedia Support pages:

ty i will

wow templates are the most confusing thing in the world, i made my main page a template, then made the editable parts, then saved it as a template, but i ahve all my other pages already built, so i dont know how i make the editable part in my original template use the pieces i want from my other pages, or even how to stick them in the editable part, and it seems like the editable part does really nothing because i can edit everything on the page i need some serious help with these or a better way or something

Mafty wrote:

it seems like the editable part does really nothing because i can edit everything on the page still

When you finish with your template.dwt make sure you save it. Then go to File > New select Template folder tab instead of "General" and select your template.

You should see your template and the only parts you can edit are the specified Editable Regions. If there arent any Editable Regions then you havnt specified them properly in your original template.

You can create as many new pages based on your template. And the advantage is you can update all of them by just changing the template file.

ooooooooo ok thx let me try that out then

wow gay says error line whatever collumn whatever "file/file': nested editable regions

wtf am i supposed to do?

more specific line 31 column 528 absolute position do ifix this problem?

If you look at the code above, it shows you where to place the editable regions. You may consider the table as your entire site template, and the only part you can change will be that TABLE ROW in between the Editable Regions. This will be the only part that is accessable and can be modified - all the rest will be locked and considered as part of the template.

In your situation, you need to make the entire site layout a tempalte and the only thing thats editable is the menu/content regions. Hint: You may use more than one editable region.

unfortunatly it didnt work im still getting an error

i cant even save my template without editable regions i sitll get theres an error at line 30 5000 reason nested editable regions

Well, at least you got your template sorted now right? Let me know how it ends up! ;)

yea igot things sorted out, but iframes are huge pain now, i made a floating one but its different on everyones res so i ended up ditching it, until i figure out how to make it stay put