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Yep, Lucas must be digging himself a grave for his heart. His worst nightmare has come to life. >_>

From: TFN

"EP3: Leaked Footage Hits the Net
Sat, Jan 24, 04 11:55:00 PM EST

There's plenty for fans to talk about this weekend, as footage shown at the private meeting goes very public. We have received countless reports of this, along with countless links to the video. Earlier this week, the decision makers from Target and the marketing team from Lucasfilm played show and tell. Big deals have been made but before the ink could dry hot footage of the event ends up online. Plenty of action from The Duel is revealed, including moments where the two Jedi put their sabers down for a second and use the fists and feet. The montage is set to AC/DC's "Back in Black" - obviously a reference to the return of Lord Vader. Who actually makes an appearance in the bootleg at about halfway through in one quick shot. There's tons more tidbits fans have found as they pick the foootage apart.

Although Lucasfilm definitely must be upset, they have to find solace in that fan reaction has been uber-positive and everyone is thrilled to get a glimpse of the new film. If this footage is any indication of wh a t is to come, Episode III is easily going to be the best of the prequel bunch."

I saw it a few times just a second ago, and it really is quite amazing. Intense, very intense, the duel alone "pwns" all other SW duels in terms of action, and maybe even emotion from what I could tell. Defintely lightens up my spirits a ton about Star Wars as a whole. I might even find myself a new favorite film. There's always hope.

Im not really into all the starwars films, never got hooked despite the hype. Have only seen Episode 1. So this makes no difference to me :D

For a fan it must be dream come true :lol:

Ahh Starwars is Owage, you don't know what your missing m8 ;)

ya its pretty cool not the best......but pretty cool :)

I always wanted a lightsaber :) that would be so freakin cool lol

HAHA that reminds me have any of u seen the "star wards kid" omg its so funny! its at

When I was little kid lightsaber was my dream. :) Star Wars was fne of my favorite films! :)

BlaZe wrote:

When I was little kid lightsaber was my dream. :) Star Wars was fne of my favorite films! :)

yeah, when I was a kid, I played with Jedi dolls and Evil starwars monsters. :P. I liked the movies too :)

o0o a clip, thanks!

I like the whole 'Star Wars Idea'; but the new films just plain suck.

Hehe, there are 2 films with this weirdo swedish guy, and his kids... Welll... one with the kids, and one with him...
As the only actor...
And only camera man...
And only FX guy...
Anyways, kinda cool :D <--- the one with the kids <--- the one man production :P

hehe cool ELF, you're full of information :P

Star Wars Episode II - Is the worst. First episode was much better I remember long ago many people went in the cinema for 4,5,6 episodes with excitement. I think the 3 film will be an ordinary film with shooting and spaceflights nothing more. Hope I am not right.