BioHazard Battle

Ok, i'll see what i can throw together to kick start this BioBattle :lol: 8)

Here is the battle code of honour:
- Size 300[H] x 500[W]
- Keep original size
- Battle name = Biohazard Battle
- Keep within style and theme

Biohazard Battle is excusivly between nexflo v BioALIEN
NOTE: This topic will be locked from time to time to avoid comments and distractions. It will be unlocked for a short period when a combo is complete as the battle progress...

Heres the battle as it stands:
Round 01: BioALIEN

Round 02: Nexflo

Round 03: BioALIEN

Round 04: Nexflo

just fine with me :)

lets get the party started :P

Round 01 Comments by BioALIEN: just something designed to shock the opponent and make them flinch :wink:

Round 02 Comments by Nexflo: The beginning was quite unexpected and "shocking" as wanted by bio ;).

I tried to keep in the same theme just brighten it up a slight little bit.

Hmm. uFrom this time i dont think i will give my vote for any of competitors.

Round 03 Comments by BioALIEN:
Well, i spent some time thinking this one through and trying to respond to nexflo's reply. He moved the focus to infected children so it was quiet obvious what my next move was gonna be. This took me around an hour - I think the message is clear, aggressive, twisted and very rude. Sorry, in a battle we dont take prisoners :twisted:

Lets see how nexflo respond to this one :roll:

you both are stupid, why would you do something like this? i can't look at this 'art'-if you can call it art. I think you should make something more normal/regular, we do not need freak show. bio, how can you sleep at night?

nox - do you know what gfxbattle is? its not all nice and peaceful you know. This battle is based on a specific THEME, therefore we must stay within that zone. If you look around, most gfxbattles on the internet follow a similar genre to the one we chose. Maybe in the future i'll go for a nice futuristic battle theme to please people like noxcel :P

This is my first time engaing in a battle and i must say i'm enjoying it. Oh and to answer your question, no i dont sleep at night :roll:

Comments to Entry 3 by Bio:

Hmm scarried me on 0.00001 second. :D Nice keep it going.

Round 04 Comments by Nexflo:

Well it sure did take me some time...I finished this one 2 weeks or so back, and wanted to touch it up, but never got around to it, so i just post it as is...

the main idea for this came by looking at the tongue of the kind in the fightpiece reminded me of a frogs leg for some reason, so i went into that direction...but instead of incorpariting that item...i seemed to just erase it ;)

maybe a frog burger would have been nice...anyway...bit buzy here...
Waitin for bio's reaction and sorry for the long wait...

:? interesting, i dont know if u intended for this to happen but the way i see it - this is the TURNING POINT for this battle. You're taking the focus from "BioHazard" to "BioMutation", i know the two are very closely linked but there is a slight distinguishing border between the two. Theres nothing hazardous about that frog :lol: do you get what i mean?

Well, either way, i'll get my tools ready for a comeback to this piece. just letting everybody know where this is heading :roll:

Bi if you could mention frog dont have any legs ! :) Thats what hazardous, lol i think such a stupid pic, how would she grow to to mature specious without moving? And how the duplicate? LOL.

well nature finds its way....

the frog uses his stomache to move...he breathes out, at the same time tenses his stomache muscles, so he gets blasted away....from this first "jump", he can bounce and bounce over long distances

for the mating ritual the male biomutated frog releases a sticky substance which includes millions of sperms, in which both frogs mate...the female frogs absorbs this substance.

I hope this solved all your questions :)

Wise imagination. But you know, i agree with Noxcel. Stop being sick of shit ppl. And do soem real art. Cause when my sis looked she eventually decide to Blushhhhh.

Well thats good for her :)

Please define real art?
Is real art what leonardo da vinci did? Technical drawings, wonderful paintings, disecting humans to see how the muscle structure is formed.
Or is it picaso, great artists, but some say he paints like a kid.
Maybe michelangelo a great renaissance artist, who did sculptures. Take Marynlon Manson, take whoever artist you want, and then tell me what is real art...

for me real art either conveise a message, or is based on personal pleasure/fun at what ure doing...

I would be interested in hearing what u define under "real art" though

I totally agree with Nexflo!

This isnt ART, this is WAR! 8)

By the way, based on those of you who commented above, since this is not "real art" do you consider people like,, to be "real" artists? Lets be "real" here, the style or design theme has nothing to do with the overall process. At the end of the day, you're still being creative and designing for a specific target.

Example: If you had a client who wanted an "Old People's Golf" website, would you go and create a flash driven, matrix spin off, database controlled, technically advanced, small font wearing, dark looking website? It may look cool but you havnt really met the TARGET because the audience is different. :idea:

everything is simple dude.
1. Real art is somethign different form tohers, something never done. Creating art on Bio Hazard theme is kinda dull, cause many works liek yoursbeen done so far.
2. Davinci adn Michelangello were real ppl, who did rela art.
3. Marlyn Manson is a freak.


u make no sense buddy...well once u grow up...and maybe studied art in unviersity or at least at high school...that might open your eyes..

critism is good...but what ure doing is just....well...messing about..spamming i dont know....

im pretty sure the next post is gonna be by red dragon swearing around (well now that i said that he wont do that,....well whatever u say...we all know..that u still need some time growing up....i havent seen any of your artwork so far...wouldnnt mind seeing something...)

take care

Ok lets keep it going:
1. Dont really like any of and others either. Dont think any of them is a good artist. Dont think i think i am good. Cause all here suck dick of real designers with incredible imagination.
2. In order not to just simply throw words on the wind, let me show you what is real art is, but firts i need to remmber the link to this awsome work. So keep patient and i show what is IT.
3. Nexflo such replys like"we havent seen much artwork from you", "show us " only shows that you are kid and need growing up. It is the most lame answer on each my critisim topic. All i cna say that i work on few projects, especially BBSkin's. So wasting imagination on free artwork dont seem right for me. As long as i finish working i let you see the results.

hehe well maybe some of us have real jobs, and do art as a hobby, a way to relax and have fun. Well I figure by doing the artwork we did, we achieved our goal, which is that people think about it (good or bad), you did...I figure so thats what counts :)

anyway let this rest now...that a battle flamming chat

waiting for your next post bio :D

You know what my next post is going to be. I let both of you let your thoughts and feelings out so there is no more conflict between you two.

Now lets get back to business, concentrate on what this topic is about or i'll be forced to LOCK the topic and then everybody looses out cos we wont get any feedback and the visitors wont be able to comment!

BioALIEN wrote:

I totally agree with Nexflo!

This isnt ART, this is WAR! 8)

By the way, based on those of you who commented above, since this is not "real art" do you consider people like,, to be "real" artists?

NO!!! but I respect some of them:):):)

Nox respect!!!!

OK, i've had enough! Guys, lets take this outside:

Damn, im kinda stuck. I have no idea how to reply to nexflo's round 4. The focus was humans now its... um.. a legless FROG! :?
Where do i take it from here, lizzards? insects? :lol:

well if i would make something...i would make a Frogger!

what is that? Well a whopper...but with a frog in it :D:D:D:D:D


still active?

Most def, just got side tracked with all the problems with change of host and other issues ;)

I definitely vote for bio, its the most dirtyest, I guess thats where its all about in a biohazardwarzone.

Thanx finally sombody understands the aim of this battle. I still need to do my reply though. :oops:

i voted for bio coz thomas did, and i dont wanna piss him off and lose my discount tickets :D:D

whahahaha ROFL
I dont think this is fair for nexflo though :P

who said im fair? :D

Nexflo's last image for this battle was broken. This has now been fixed.

I've just watched a few horror movies, i feel like in a mood to get this battle resumed! I'll speak with nexflo and see if we can continue where we left off ;)