photography a level exam

Argh! I just got my photography 6 week exam paper today! :(
the theme is icons!
im not sure wot to do :x

It is all about first impression, go do something, chill out, and then ideas will fall. Well i use such method in my works.

Ahh i used to love those weird random topics they come up with. Hmm, for icons i already got a winner topic for YOU!

- Underground signs
- Road signs
- Toilet signs
- And my favourite of all => Software Interface Icons!

Hope this helps, now go shoot some snaps!

that sounds so fun.....i wish i had a camera.....oh wait....i do.....oh ya its just freezing outside lol.

Is it freezing where u guys live, cause its -45C over here, and its been that way for like the last 3 weeks.

You joking ? Well it is always warm here in january, but in february as always we have a full -40 and more C.