iMovie/Freehand - Animation (help please)

Working on a new project, which involves using Freehand to animate a short peice of film footage. In terms of a PC what's the best approach to export as a series of still frames, what software etc ?

On a side note, does anybody know what native file format iMovie 2 uses to save ? - If I can match the right extention I'm hoping my pc'll then read what I currently have.

Any help is much appreciated.

By export as a series of still frames, try GIF file types, then use ImageReady to play around with the still frames. That way it'll be easier to work with. Or you can port your work over to Flash and make the movie there.

iMovie, never heared of it so i cant really help there!

look at my avatar :) it moves and i made it LOL. Ya i heard of iMovie isnt it on mac computers, cause i have it at my school, were gonna learn about it like next term or something ...

yea its a Mac thing, iMovie, iDVD, iPod, iMac blah blah etc.

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Well like i said, it depends on which option u wanna go for, flash animation or gif animation! Either way you can break the movie into frames!