Some Rap Lyrics by RedDragon!

K peoplez one guy wrote soem shit about me and i decided to reply in rap form, i know my rhytmes may sound weak, but this how it is:

=mobile phone ring=
Crackz: Hey yo b whats up?
GMA: Shadriel wants to talk.
Crackz: Heheh whats the equipment?
GMA: As always, for such situations.
Crackz: Heheh k b. Be dere at you in a few.
=record sound=

VERSE1 : GMA(me)
Yea i am Sikbo, and yea i learn maths,
BUt you Shadriel wont understand me, cause you planning to work as nig*as b*atch,
You said i am fat, ha maybe you right,
but in fact, noone gives a f*ck,
But since you want it let me and my bros show you,
What's a real world is, where each word can cost you,
You might not know him, but ART was same as you,
Talking all suchy sh*t, but hiding like a rabbit, [thats what you do!]
Sitting infront of ya monitor, with d*ck j*rker and a list of 100 p*rn sites to go throught,
Dreamin about Pac's piedestal only cause you quote his rap,
That what you do, so listen to what meance you d00med to,
Art failed to escape, when me and my nig*as rode after him on 180 km/h speed,
Now he's dead and his sis pays her life sucking my d*ck,
And you know, i do the same with you,
So be preapared cause me and my peeps are there for you.

I still remmber how it was, till the last second,
Adrenalin in my blood,
5 people, by 2 in front and back, 5 people and 60 bullets,
5 people, the stake is respect ,
On the flat entrance, we all put on masks,
Hitting door, we entered,
BLACK shouting DOWN!You punk ass? -shoot-
1 man down, it was Shad.

To all you BG's who rap about people,
without even knowing who they are and what they got,
Keep ya mounth shut, or you might die liek Shad died.

Um some of the lines are good, some of them are way too weak. The rhyme doesnt follow through in parts of the rap.

You need to take time out and perfect your style. Other than that, i guess its DECENT!

pretty cool man, ya i have to agree with Bio, just practice some more, practice makes perfect. :wink:

I do practise everyday. Hoping to get some good lvl in future.

Red thats good too hear i wish all the best for u in ur rapping ;)

thats nice dude, maybe in the future you could make an mp3 or something so we could hear it :wink:

Got one record, but in russian :)