really low quality rip... :(

damn...i guess they couldnt steal the flash! there are some things called inspiration but thats a lame ass rip! :x

Well anyway i dont support riping but i also dont respect ppl who show on ppl with there big finger and saying "Ah he did it. He must be punished" A good designer will say nothing. Under good designer i dotn say a good web skills but if there any it is better.

So i say nothing.

RedDragon i understand what you mean. Rippin does actually involve some degree of skills. Speaking from experience, my old BioV1 layout was very tough on rippers, but some still managed to find a way around it.

the way i saw it was this: if i (the webmaster) had a way to rip my own site then it was possible for others to rip it and take the codes, cursors etc etc.

however, now we have something more sinister. now we have programs that rip the entire site and saves it offline. so far my current stats tell me that there are three programs that "accessed" my site. each with ~ 150hits - thats a HELL LOT OF PEOPLE SAVING MY SITE OFFLINE! looks like i might see tonns of sites that look similarly identical to mine online soon. HURRAY! HAPPY EASTER! 8)

Basically, you can never stop rippin, its part of life - u just have to live with it and accept it. I grown to understand to accpet people taking my things and using them for their own personal use. a little credit would be nice but at the end of the day, LIFE GOES ON!

Wow, the designication looks horrible on my laptop at 1600x1200 resolution...

NeoCritter wrote:

Wow, the designication looks horrible on my laptop at 1600x1200 resolution...

Hey Its the same with me!

RealitySlip has a great design!
Wow Ive got an Inspiration from their site!
Im goint to learn Flash!

to be fair, he did change the sight around alot.

"Rippin does actually involve some degree of skills" - I say thats BS!

ok....well..what i have to say about that:

1) Ripping is illegal! (copyright infrigment)
2) It simple shows how fucking sad u are and that u have no what i call "individualism). Not having your own ideas sucks.....I really prefer if u have your own idea, but the result looks crapp, coz u dont have the talent/ least u tried to express YOURSELF!
3) Fcuk rippers

Take care lads, and never is about expressing YOUR Feelings!

yeah ripping is lame but what about partial ripping? where do u draw the line? where does the border lie between ripping and inspiration? u can hive sites that are inspired or "spin-offs" of other sites...

thats the biggest question which has made law makers scratching their heads till they bleed...

its just like newspaper/magazine privacy laws. they differ and u cant draw the line between "of publick interest" and "of interest to the public"!

yup true true....

well for me personally...ripping is simple if I see a piece of art, and try to make a "copy".
Being influenced is fine...but really copying it, "placing the text top right, the girl bottom it looks exactly the same way as the original..."