Music Player Requests!

Please post all your music requests here. Some of them will be added to the playlist and made available on the Music Player for your listening pleasure 8)

For each request please post:
- Type of music:
- Name of artist:
- Name of song:

Be as acurate as possible!
Please note: we do not gurantee all requests are met!

I would write my songs but prob like 1 person would actually like metal :lol:

You'd be surprised how many graphic designers like metal, grunge and rock. I used to think i was the only designer who dont follow that path. Im more of a Rap/Hip Hop/RnB type, but still listen to other music if im forced with a gun to my head :D

K Bio heres is my request:
Type: Gangsta Rap
Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
track: Careful(click, click)

Not about to listen to it myslef, just recommending 8)

Take your pick... (Broad taste) 8)

The Verve - Bittersweet symphony - Classic/Pop
Big Country - In a big country - Retro
Sixpence None the Richer - There she goes - Alternate Rock
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris - Indie rock
Fade and Crystal Method - Trip like I do - Tech/Rock
Iron Maiden - The wicker man - Metal
White Stripes - Seven nation army - Rock
Stereophonics - Have a nice day - Indie
Moby - Machete - Ambient
Dj Sammy - Paradise of love - Dance

R'n'B/Garage = no, no :(

Trico wrote:

White Stripes - Seven nation army - Rock

Barf lol srry its annnoying. although for some reason i know it on guitar :roll: :lol: its pretty simple song its the same thing over and other hahaha.

I just think its a catchy rift, and yes it is easy to play. :P

ya its catchy yet annoying after a while.

I've updated the Music Player for February. I think we'll update the music every two weeks/monthly basis. Now its categorised:
- HipHop
- Metal
- RnB
- Other

I personally listen to HipHop/RnB so i've done my bit and updated those two sections with a batch of songs. Thomas will take care of the other two categories. We may introduce future categories if needed if enough people show interest. The main purpose of the Music Player is to enjoy your time while you surf around the site. And also while conducting a GfxBattle/Learning a tutorial or just posting on the forum. We want you to feel comfortable ;)

I have two requests.

Music Style : Ambient

Artist Name - Leftfield
Title: A Final Hit

Artist Name - Leftfield
Title: Melt

Ambient. Thats a good idea. I'll look into that!

Hehe Leftfield is really good, got few CD"s, so Bio ask if ya need soem tracks to be uploaded.

I've got 2 requests:

Type of Music: Metal
Artist: Metallica
Song Name: Disappear

Type of Music: Metal
Artist: Korn
Song Name: I Did My Time

- Type of music: Skate punk
- Name of artist: Lagwagon
- Name of song: may 16

- Type of music: Rock
- Name of artist: Queens of the Stone Age
- Name of song: No One Knows

oo, forgot this one too:

- Type of music: Rock
- Name of artist: Queens of the Stone Age
- Name of song: Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Well i guess this topic shoudl be closed, there is no music player now.

Only shows for admins ;)

But ýou're correct, our plans have changed, we need the disk space to accommodate CodeUnit and FriendScene now - so this topic is now closed. The music player will not be available any longer!