Wu niggas rollin?

Well i wanted to create this post long time ago, pity the crew is not active anymore, but still wanna hear ya opinion on them. I think their texts are wise, the rhytmes are tought, say what? :D

wu niggas? never heard of them, damn bio really should add more music to the gfxplayer. At least i know g-unit now :lol:

BTW red, the avatar cp is fully working now, you should get yourself a REAL avatar, this one looks rediculous n igga.

add some diff music than just g-unit or whatever rap or RnB :P :)

Vinc3 wrote:

add some diff music than just g-unit or whatever rap or RnB :P :)

shut up :) its gfx-unit, so the music is g-unit...

btw, I can't get this stupid player to work:)


We tried to be creative with the music thats already in there. Some of it was only for testing purposes and a bit of marketting ploy :P

Never fear, the music will be changed. Introducing the...

Music Player Requests:

Actually post was dedicated to people who know shit in rap, not that G-Unit mumbo jumbo, which are just wankstas.
Wu-Tang Clan. Nobody heard?

Wu Tang Clan, yeah i got a few of their track. But to be honest you gotta face it, they werent that good. In fact after they broke up they got worse. I only like one tune they released and thats Gravel Pit!

They're just a bunch of dudes obsessed with martial arts ;)

With whom do you compare them? 8) The point thta you never heard any old tracks, i guess you heard NEW W album 8) I like Careful(Click, Click) from it.