G-Unit - Beg For Mercy

-Just got it, not from store duh.

Nice songs, the best is
15. G'd Up

would you discripe what kind of music it is? cuz i dont like rap (exception for some songs of eminem), those dudes look like rappers :)

LMAo dablue it is rap and not eminem lMAO. Hmm gonan visit local music store, i also have no time to buy new Gangstarrs CD, i visited their website and dude it is fucking GOOOOD>

I may be gettin it soon. Recently got all BIG's albums, damn memories. I dont think the wuality of music nowadays compare to the good old days. 2Pac and Biggie represented massivly back in the day.

Agree with you Bio. OLd times rap.......

Still cant find:
Tupac - 2pacalipsis NOw on cd's.

BTW anybody seen Tupac Ressuroction movie?

G'd Up - awesome song, I listened to it 10 times ina row, so I decided to upload it for people that never heard it:

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I will remove the link it 2 days. Enjoy.