Anybody knows?

Hey ppl.

I decided to spice up mine old win 98 -yea i need XP, but not on this PC -.

How to install a theme? cause i downlaoded a theme from one website of windows themes and it was for Win's 9x there was soem file Plastic v1theme.ip what for is it? Need some help once again.

you need a program that installs themes, I use StyleXP, but it will not work for win98. search in google.

You may wanna use Windows Blinds to spice up your windows theme. There are many websites for that:

Hmm all i want to say now is that was an IconPackger programm file. Well i checked it out and all i want to say it is crap, fucks up your PC .

Gonna try your links Bio and give some feeback on it.