That sort of speaks for itself. At least I thought it did, but then I followed the link at the bottom of the board and found this:


That isnt a RIP!

The site is using an unofficial phpbb template theme created by DAZ of Forum Images. Its where GfxForum got its phpbb buttons with permission! Thanks to DAZ FI is now recognised highly and just been awarded recently for his work and accomplishments!

Forum ripping isnt very common as most of the time there are tonns of templates and mods found on the internet, all you gotta do is download and install!

Oh... yeah... I thought you said somewhere that this was custom made by GfxDiary. My bad.

Read that page very carefully, somewhere there (if you do find it) we credited DAZ for his very hard work. :arrow:

If you cant seem to find it then dont worry, heres a direct link to the post:

Let me know if you cant find it ;)