Got fired.

Haha todya mine boss fired me :)

The Story:
I was about to downlaod some decoders for Windows Media Player and i asked him on ICq where i cna find them. He said liek i cant download them. And ofcource i reasked "why?". He started bulling . Here the next conv:
-So tell me RD have you finished web site? Cause it is dead line soon.
-No i told you i was preparing to exams.
-Hmm why the hell you have tiem to download coders and watch movies, play q3 and no tiem to finish the website?!
-I finish design as i feel inspired.

Then he kept stupidy bull em with "why? how? when" and eventually said " Sorry. But i dont want you to work on our studio anymore"


LMAO. LIke i loose much, i would better finish exams and keep studying in uni, then make another bunch of $.

lol, nice story, but arent you a bit disappointed? How much did you earn there? or was it a good payed job?

Thats not something to be proud of. In fact, u wasted time posting it cos at the end of the day, u take your work seriously if u accept it. Otherwise, u dont accept it and its end of story!

OMG Angry Bio. Well i woudl finish the site if he didnt pressure on me.

I am not disappointed at all.