Frank's Journey To Learn PHP

Day One
Tired of using scripts that either didn't work, or included things that weren't needed, Frank set out on a journey to learn PHP. It was going to be a long and hard journey... a time-consuming and difficult journey, but the benefits would be well worth it.

Not knowing anything about PHP, aside from <? starts and ?> closes, Frank went over to There he found a plethora of samplings. He read over the tutorials, copied and pasted what little code there was, and then fiddled with it to try and get the desired effect. This was all fine and dandy, and many things began to make some more sense. This journey it seemed was in full swing. However, it wasn't. Frank couldn't get the most basic of scripts to work, and got tired and quit.

Then as if a ligth switched on, so did the solution to Frank's problem resolve itself. The mighty "else" was needed in this dance between numbers, symbols, and letters. Frank was pleased.

What will happen next? Find out next time on...

Frank's Journey To Learn PHP

Day One Work

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Nice story, when will the sequel be released?

my story:
day1: learned HTML
day2: became HTML expert
day3: learned PHP
week later: became an avarage PHP-scripter
2 weeks later: became expert :P

WO? (thats german for what). Expert in 2 weeks are you nuts? I dought you would have that much free time on your hands.

1st WO = where :P
2nd I did have, but im really busy now :(

i though Wo was what, is it was then?

no im telling you, never question the language-knowledge of a programmer :P

wow, i have never tried to learn php, seemed way to complicated for me, :P oh well ill prolly try it when i have some free time