Commando's 3

Im playing commandos 3 at the moment,
its a really shibby game, its very difficult though (far more then the previous games, and they werent easy as well).
I like the graphics too, but the main reason I like it is cause of the good old ruling shibby "commandos"-gameplay.

official description:
Commandos 3 is a tactical action strategy game set against the backdrop of World War II where you must take control of an elite group of Commandos as they venture deep into enemy territory. Commandos 3 aims to take the stunningly detailed graphics and absorbing gameplay of the series to a whole new level. The game features an improved graphics engine, more realistic AI (artificial intelligence), and a greater variety of enemies and equipment. The structure of the game has been completely revamped; it is no longer mission based and instead features a strong narrative that drives the player through the game. Commandos 3 also promises to be more accessible and easier to play than previous games in the series.

Does anyone plays it too? or saw it, tell me what you think about the game or the previous versions.

I have played it once, i liked it in certain parts but hate it in others. I like the fact that it is turn based and requires you to anticipate your opponents next move, but since i am a huge FPS fan i don't like the fact that it is not 3d in a way

well you should know its 3d now, especially the buildings :)

3d means the building has three deminsions, shadowing doesn't make it 3d

the building is 3d dude :) you can see it from all kinda angles :)

well i mean it isn't emersive 3d like a FPS but i still play it off and on

true... I think you just like this sorta games or you dont. Im a fan 8)

I've played Commandos II and it was really good. But for some reason, i never went back to it again. Its true what people say about its insane difficulty levels. But thats its trademarks, u have to be clever and tactical about it.

Yep, that is why I only played it for a short period of time