Mine GfxDiary acccount got hacked too.

Hello ppl i see hacker havign fun fuckign all mine accounts. All i want to say is i am the real owner of RedDragon account. And i knwo who the fuck hacked it:

BlaZe if it is you, i swear i fuckign beat you until all passwords got out of your hole head. Only you knew mine password from e-mail. Only you knew i been on GfXDiary, so be preapred if it is you.

Bio, Da blue dude or Noxcel plz send ip-adress of a person loggign in with mine old Account. ANd change the pass to it and e-mail too. Send me private msg on this account, i got fed up with that bitch hacker.

Sorry, privacy acts prevent us from revealing confidential data regarding our visitors unless its for law purposes. We can suspend your old account if you wish but since the hacker cant really do much apart from posting under your name then its nota major security risk to GfxDiary.

OK i got mine gfbdiary accoutn back thx to dabluedude. But anyway i gonan find dat mother fucker.