MY e-mail been hacked, ICQ too.

Hmm todya as i logged in internet i eventually foundout that my e-mail was hacked and the ICQ number too. All i want to know how to detect where the person is situated if i know his IP number. I know it is possible somehow, cause once my friend got hacked, he recieved full location of the hacker.

Reply fast all who cna help me.

download! this ...

THx man. Gonna work on it now.

Well still waiitng for e-mail provider to send me this persons IP adress. Actually i got some ppl in mind who coudl do that.

BTW can i use my law rights and send this deal to court?

although i want to study rights and already know some things about it, dont know anything about the russian laws, not now and proberly not about a century :D

however if you can sew him/her/it, you better dont, just give their ip to their hosting provider. They'll ban the person (will cost him his contract although he must pay! :twisted:), or give him a warning.

HMm russian laws hate hackers much. All i know.

Well if it was a person living in my city, he woulld be dead meat. 8)

yeah, its proberly just a "ex ;)"-friend, who you trusted your password to.

Um do u really want to spend tonns of cash pursuing a hacker that may/may not be charged for hacking ur email/icq and not really making any profit/money cos they just did it for fun and therefore did not cause any major damages. Thats the way i see it. Just walk away!

If he lives in Russia he gonna pay me without any law.