Global Template System; errors may occur

It might occur that you get critical errors or visual errors today at, im currently working on the global template system. It requires a lot of time, errors may and proberly will occur.
Sorry for this, it'll be finished tomorrow.

If the error keeps appering you should contact me at: [email protected]

global templates on are now a fact 8)
the templates will be easyer to modify for us.

Thank you for that thomas, now i can begin work on the new GfxDiary 2004 Layout & Skin :cool:

some things still have to be fixed, like the bottom of the mainpage

I noticed that, but its a minor error which can easily be fixed. The problem is, will we be able to launch one template that will work on the entire site. We'll see during the official launch next year ;)

I was conducting some test runs on the new tempate a few days ago, if you noticed anythign broken or layout bugs in the past few days then rest assured your pc hasnt caught a virus ;) Its the front end being all messy cos the new GfxDiary 2004 template is being born!