Limp Bizkit ... working on a new image?

I just heard the new song of Limp Bizkit, its TOTALLY different then their other songs.But I certainly like it :)... Are they working on a new image or something ??

BTW: im talking about: Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes

thats nice

yes indeed I didnt like their previous songs .... :wink:

Its not my kinda music so i wouldnt know.

Yo Mr.T (thomas lol) i think i heard about that, their into softer songs now? im not sure i havent *bought* any of theirs songs cough cough. what kind of music u like?

im going to see a deftones concert, thursday and thrice are gonna be there!!!!!!!! :twisted: ROCK ON

Vinc3 you better watch yo back homs, u cant talk to Mr. T in that tone :P

BioALIEN wrote:

Vinc3 you better watch yo back homs, u cant talk to Mr. T in that tone :P

Vinc3 wrote:

What music do you like?

Its called trance in the Netherlands... im not sure how they call it in england or where ever you're from :).
Tiesto is the best! (and he's from my country 8))

OMg Limp Bizkits sux, Deftones sux! All this shit is sux. Muahah.

RedDragon, everybody is entitled to their own preferences and choices. Btw, thomas music genres are internationally recognised dude :P

lmao ya okay red........ srry i forgot your black....COUGH COUGH. Plz think about other people before u talk red. I dont even like Limp Bizkit, and dont even try dissing deftones cause i could say just as much about your music.

Oh okay tomas i thought u liked rock n metal oh well, ya its called trance here too.

I can answer in my fav style, but not to scary new users with my anger i would add -no comments- .