deheeg is the best website hosting there is because it supports almost everything, unlimited everything(including datatransfer,subdomains ...)(except webspace ;)), 100% up, very FAST and all that for not too much :lol:

DeHeeg webhosting

if only i knew german...lol, sounds good though

Is that German ? :?

Hate to spoil your view; but there's no such thing as unlimited data-transfer and they wouldn't be wise the state 100% up time; most places generaly say 99.9% because it keeps them safe. :wink:

its dutch, and about the datatransfer, yeah you're right, fair use policy, will be over 100 of gigs :P, enough for me 8)

yeah, there can never be 100% gurantee. something always goes wrong or could go wrong!

well, thats what they added in the sidenotes of the contract..., but I can tell, they are always up :)

i dont think this company will last, here in holland prices are going up because of the euro.. for people here it's better to host in USA (prices) but faster to host on dutch servers. Prices for company's are about 1 euro á gig (data traffic) so unlimited will be impossible.. I'll bet there is a good catch on deheeg.nl

this is a old topic, prices rised :(

haha, good :) Told you ! :P

Well, although its good to host on US servers (since a large percentage of the traffic is generated by the USA) it is a compromise. US servers mean the sites are slower for European and Asian visitors while super fast for American users. While European servers will only benefit the visistors in Europe etc.

So if i had a choice, i'd look to where the most traffic comes from - in this case its wise to go for a US server since the majority of traffic will be happy with the fast loading. Even though it means the owner who lives in Europe will be quiet disappointed with the speed at times ;)