Matrix ]|[

I think the matrix is just based on 2 XTC pills, the red was a real one and the blue was just a candy ...
Thats why the world suddenly became very weird(the liquid wall etc) to Thomas Anderson(neo) when he took the RED one and if he had choisen the BLUE one he wouldnt have noticed anything at all... :)

Tell me what you think about it...

i think you took the red one coz this is confusing me :S

lol i wouldnt say xtacy pills, they're more like LSD pills cos thats the stuff that makes u hillusinate ;)

It'll make more sense if u watch the matrix and think of how computers operate, cos clearly Agent Smith is like a virus of some sort.

Ya thats how i think of it. Like the Agents are firewalls trying to keep neo and everyone (hackers sort of) out. its pretty crazy, and then theirs all the backdoors where they travel and its just plainly fucking sick. Im like shitting my pants cause its out and im not watching it.

I went to it this evening and it was GREAT !! :)
I like like all the movies cuz:
movie#1: philosophy
movie#2: lots of questions (and the frenchman :) )
movie#3: ACTION

matrix revolutions was teh aw3s0m3

I just watched Matrix 3. My original reaction after coming out of the cinema was "this film is damn looooooong". I couldnt feel my legs half way cos of those uncomfortable seats.

The movie was alright, but somehow i was expecting more from the final part of the trillogy. I still dont think Matrix 2 & 3 live up to the ground braking Matrix 1.

Now time for some critisism:
- What ever happened to those twins with the dreadlocks? I know they were involved in an explosion in Matrix2 but i thought they're playing a big role in the Matrix3?
- What happened to the Frenchman? He just dissapeared half way through the movie!
- The "KFC" dude (architect) made an apprearance right at the end which didnt make sense :o

All in all, the matrix concept has revolutionaised the hollywood film industry in terms of story telling, film experience and amazing special effects, and for that i'm ever greatful. Now i'm just looking forward to Lord Of the Rings 3!

1. search a good cinema :)
2. - what makes you say that ? :)
- yeah, I would had like some more french name calling, I just love it :lol:
- what did he say, again ? :roll:
3. Looking 4ward to LOTR3 too :)

ok, little matrix lovers, just want to tell you that I think all of these 3 movies SUCK.

have a good day....

That is just blasphemy. :o

Actually i absolutely agree with Noxcel. BUt there is one "but":
1. I liked the first part and it was like kewl.
2. M2 and M3 didnt make any sence to me.
3. M3 is based on patriotic wave , but it didnt go throught me .
4.And all this stupid liek Neo is duper puper muper cool makes me only laught.
5.Nice idea thou.

Matrix was done only for money, nothing else. Just look at the freaks who created it....

Matrix 01: The movie sucked, I never liked it, but because everyone liked it I kinda went with the flow. Nice animation and stuff, but the idea is just fucked up, and at the end of the movie they gave Geo[Neo :lol: ] superman powers. I thought it was a joke but no.....

Matrix 02: I downloaded, no, no I went and rented it :lol:, After the first 40 mins, I was like, "WTF, I am wasting my time watching this, that is bs".

Matrix 03: Hahaha, it came out 2 month or something after Matrix 02, ahahaha we need more money from you kids!!!

There is also animatrix, and matrix game---> shit to make more money. MAtrix it is like this asian game, "final fantasy" or something, every year they release this game to make more money and kids still buy it.


Anyways, there were a lot of great movies this year and martix was not the one of them. Look at T3, Arnold is 55 and still, the movie came out great.

p.s. to matrix lovers: just wait 3-5 years, new matrix will come out...



T3 sucks, thats what i call a boring and mindless movie :P
hastalavista, an uhh arnold is a fucking mombo-jumbo, he should had stayed in the jungle :P
And what do those weirdo americans do?? They choose him as governer :P, 100% muscles 0% braines (the last one is normal for a average american governer :P)

dabluedude wrote:

T3 sucks, thats what i call a boring and mindless movie :P
hastalavista, an uhh arnold is a *beep* mombo-jumbo, he should had stayed in the jungle :P
And what do those weirdo americans do?? They choose him as governer :P, 100% muscles 0% braines (the last one is normal for a average american governer :P)

.....o....k..... :lol:

Matrix sucks, Terminator is a legendary movie series dude! Matrix is like baby compraing to good one Terminator.

Final Fantasy is a masterpice of scripting!


Final Fantasy is a masterpice of scripting!

nah, only like 7 :)

Well most of us have seen Matrix and for the people who did i'd like to make this topic a bit interesting not like it isn't just more.

What i wanna do is discuss the Matrix. I want to know if everyone understands it and their understanding of it. I understand it to an extent but am confuse by some stuff.

Why did Neo die?
How do we know that the ending doesn't simulate another Matrix?
Why did Agent Smith Die?

I wanna know the logics based on the movie the answer to those questions. As soon as i get some replies i'll post my ideas to those questions.

So easy, dont try to find any solutions or soem hidden meaning in this movie. It is just done to make people think there is one, so that each part of Matrix then Animatrix and other bullstuff will be selling good.

1. Cause he was annoying person, he did what he had to and thats why, he had nothing to live for, since that girl died.
2. Ask Vacevski Brother.
3. Cause he was a bad guy and like in all USA movies bad guys should get their as* kicking.

soulseek3r and Red, stop with this geek talk, who the fuck cares? :P

I dont, just clearing things out.

Well since soulseek3r was seeking some soul lets get some brain activity working here.

This is what i think, Neo was a positive ion, Agent Smith was a negative ion. As with everything in life there has to be a balance. Neo understood this in the end so he gave in. Nobody can win they're equal. They complete each other. So by Neo giving up, Agent Smith managed to cancel each other out.

The above answers your first question and your last. Now lets move on to the other question. This DOES similate another matrix. Like the architect said, Neo is the 6th anomaly, meaning this is the 6th time he rewrote the matrix. Indicating at some point there will be another imbalance and a new anomaly will have to be created to rebalance it.

A perception of this is a bit similar to REAL life. Once everything was nice and balanced (Adam & Eve) - then there was an imbalance (the APPLE) and this led to a big change in the way the system works.

Just my way of looking at things 8)